What Is the Movie "Margot at the Wedding" About?

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"Margot at the Wedding" is not exactly a fairy tale.

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An International Art House drama with a touch of humor, "Margot at the Wedding" is a story of mixed relations between siblings, family, partners and neighbors, where all is not what it seems. The film features Nicole Kidman as Margot, Jennifer Jason Leigh as her sister, Pauline, and Jack Black as her sister's soon-to-be husband, Malcolm. Oscar-nominated writer and director Noah Baumbach explores the relationships that we perceive and those that we live out.

It's Time for a Wedding?

"Margot at the Wedding" begins with Margot and her son, Claude, traveling to the wedding of her sister. However, while Margot's sister is preparing for one of her happiest moments in life, Margot is lamenting their tumultuous relationship. Margot's intellectual wit and dysfunctional relationship with her sister combine to create trouble.

The Fiance

Pauline lives with her daughter and Malcolm in her mother's old house and plans to get married in the garden under the old tree. Pauline adores Malcolm, yet Margot is concerned about Malcolm's lack of career ambitions and decides to intervene by attempting to persuade Pauling to reconsider, subtly, of course. Yet behind Margot's insistence to interfere is the raw fact that her own life is falling apart and she is feeling venerable and alone.

The Seeds of Doubt

Once Margot has planted the seeds of doubt, Pauline begins to consider whether the wedding is such a good idea, and this leads to all kinds of complications. However, as Pauline's relationship with Malcolm begins to break down, so too does Margot's relationship with her son. Secrets begin to come out and the story takes a slight twist when Margot and Pauline turn to each other in order to find comfort from their malaise.

Making Up

Although Margot causes a disagreement between Pauline and her neighbors, who want to see the old tree that Pauline plans to marry under torn down, underneath all the bitterness are hurt feelings and a cry for love. Pauline and Margot reunite for the ending of the film and Margot realizes she must mend her relationship with her son.

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