What is the Movie "Kiss Me Again" About?

by Michael Davidson

"Kiss Me Again" is a 2006 film directed by William Tyler Smith that stars Jeremy London as Julian and Katheryn Winnick as his wife, Chalice. Julian and Chalice have a generally happy marriage, but that begins to change when Julian starts having feelings for one of his college students, Elena, played by Mirelly Taylor.

The Happy Marriage

Julian and Chalice are a young married couple who share a number of progressive views. Julian teaches at a local college in New York, while Chalice often counsels others at Planned Parenthood. One of Chalice's best friends is the bisexual Malika, played by Elisa Donovan. Julian's life becomes disrupted when he meets Elena, a young and attractive student in one of his classes. As he interacts with Elena more, he begins to question the sanctity of his marriage vows and contemplates an affair.


Elena is clearly attracted to Julian as well, and a flirtation begins between them. Julian wants to sleep with her, but his guilt gets the better of him and he can't go through with it. Instead, he comes up with an alternate plan. He and Chalice witness Malika involved in a sexual encounter with two other people, and he proposes to Chalice that they attempt it. She is reluctant to the idea at first, but he persists. She finally agrees, unaware that he had someone specific in mind the entire time.


Julian brings Elena into his and Chalice's bed without Chalice knowing that she is his student. They all seem to enjoy the experience, but Julian is a bit ignored by the two women in the process. As time goes on after the initial rendezvous, Chalice and Elena start seeing each other without Julian's knowledge. The marriage starts to crumble as Chalice sees photographic evidence that Julian is still seeing Elena as well.


The marriage collapses, as neither Julian or Chalice trust the other. An old affair between Chalice and Malika is revealed. Chalice comes to Julian's class to confront him and sees Elena there as well, realizing for the first time that she is his student. They have a huge argument in front of the rest of the class, shaming Julian as a teacher, and then Chalice storms out. Ironically, they both go to Elena's apartment separately for guidance and support and meet each other there. The film ends on an inconclusive note with the three taking a walk in the park together, their relationships and lives changed forever.