Facts on the Movie "From Russia With Love"

by Christopher John

"From Russia With Love" is a 1963 action/thriller movie that is instantly recognizable when categorized according to its main character as a James Bond film. The movie contained elements that are familiar to James Bond movie lovers, with evil agents, a beautiful romantic interest, and, of course, the debonair and sophisticated James Bond.

Written and Directed By

"From Russia With Love" is the second movie in the James Bond franchise, following 1962's "Dr. No." The novel from which the movie was adapted was published in 1957, the fifth title in the James Bond series of books penned by Ian Fleming. When it came time for the movie version, the screenplay is credited to Richard Maibaum, with an adaptation credit to Johanna Harwood. The film's director, Terence Young, is also recognized for directing two other James Bond films, "Dr. No" and 1965's "Thunderball."

The Story

The main plot in "From Russia With Love" centers on James Bond's pursuit of the Lektor, a Russian decoding device capable of revealing military secrets. The Lektor is also feverishly sought by Bond's enemies in SPECTRE, short for Special Executor for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion. Bond's two main opponents are the villains Rosa Klebb and Donald "Red" Grant. Of course, the "Bond girl," in the character of Tatiana Romanova, plays the seductress who lures Bond into a trap while seeking to obtain the Lektor.

The Players

As he did in "Dr. No," accomplished Scotland-born actor Sean Connery carries the gadgets and charisma of James Bond in "From Russia With Love." Bond's romantic conquest, the Russian clerk Tatiana, is played by Daniela Bianchi, who formerly carried the title of Miss Rome. Tony Award-winning actress Lotte Lenya fills the role of the evil Rosa Klebb, while writer and actor Robert Shaw, perhaps best known for his role as rough-edged Quint in the movie "Jaws," portrays Donald "Red" Grant, who battles Bond in a showdown aboard a moving train, the Orient Express.

Other Facts

The movie won two awards following its release, the 1963 Best Cinematography Award from the British Society of Cinematographers, and the 1964 BAFTA Film Award, also for Best British Cinematography, both going to Ted Moore. Although made on an estimated budget of $2 million, the movie grossed $78,900,000 at the worldwide box office. Offering the colorful international locations that James Bond films are noted for, "From Russia With Love" was filmed mostly in England, Venice and Istanbul, with the final helicopter and boat chase scenes filmed in Scotland.

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