About the Movie "For the Love of Grace"

by Brian Vaughan

"For the Love of Grace" made its debut in 2008 on the Hallmark channel. A Hallmark original film, the movie was never shown in theaters or on other networks. The movie features a trio of major characters who wind up involved in something of a love triangle. Among them are a widower named Steve, a writer named Grace and an executive named Cliff.

Cast, Crew and Production

Mark Consuelos plays Steve Lockwood, a fireman who loses his wife and later develops feelings for Grace Harlen. Grace is played by Chandra West, a writer who is engaged to be married to a man named Cliff. Kevin Jubinville, who formerly acted in the television show "Degrassi: The Next Generation," plays Cliff. Corbin Bernsen plays a character named Captain Washington. Bernsen has been in films such as "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Major League." "For the Love of Grace" was directed by Craig Pryce and written by Paul Ruehl and Ramona Barckert.


"For the Love of Grace" starts out by introducing the main characters. Grace's fiance, Cliff, comes homes and tells her he is excited to go on a trip to close a business deal. Grace talks about her writing career and is advised to try to write sequels to keep her previous audience. Steve's father advises his brother to try to get Steve back in the dating scene. Grace talks to her sister about her and Cliff's plan to move to a home they may not be able to afford and also discusses her sadness following their father's death. Captain Washington suspends Steve for reckless action on the job.


Steve and Grace first meet when Steve's brother takes him out on the town. The two just casually meet, though Steve winds up saving her from a fire as he coincidentally passes her house and notices the disaster. The accident prompts Grace and Cliff to set a date for their wedding. Grace heads down to the fire station to thank Steve. He isn't there, but Grace gets his phone number. Grace and Steve begin hanging out and volunteering at a soup kitchen. Grace begins to grow frustrated with Cliff's obsession with work, and Steve gets back to work after helping a trapped boy.


Grace begins writing a book about firemen and wants to give part of the proceeds to the soup kitchen. This disappoints Cliff, who wants to buy a luxurious house instead. As Grace and Cliff's wedding approaches, Grace finds herself distracted and missing Steve. Similarly, Steve realizes he is going to lose Grace in his life once she gets married. On the day of the wedding, Steve and his brother drive to the wedding so he can confess his true feelings. Steve thinks he's too late, but he runs into Grace and she tells him that she and Cliff realized they weren't right for each other. The movie ends with Steve and Grace driving off to get something to eat.

About the Author

Brian Vaughan is a freelance writer based in Springfield, Mo. He has been writing short stories, reviews and essays for over eight years and is currently pursuing a degree in professional writing at Missouri State University.