What is the Movie "Doomsday" About?

by Alex Tannin
Rhona Mitra stars as Dr. Eden Sinclair in

Rhona Mitra stars as Dr. Eden Sinclair in "Doomsday."

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"Doomsday" is a 2008 science fiction movie directed by Neil Marshall, who had previously directed "The Descent" and "Dog Soldiers." The film's plot concerns the events that take place in the future after Scotland appears to have been wiped out by a deadly virus. "Doomsday" stars Rhona Mitra as Dr. Eden Sinclair, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Kane and David O'Hara as Canaris.


Scotland is sealed off from England after becoming infected by the Reaper virus. Before the wall is finally sealed, a young girl with an injured eye is sent to live with retreating soldiers in England. The quarantine is considered a success after both the Scottish population and the virus appear to die off. However, 30 years later the virus reappears in London. A military team is sent into Scotland to search for Dr. Kane, a man who was looking for a cure when Scotland was sealed off. The team is led by Major Eden Sinclair, the girl, now a woman, who had been sent to live with the soldiers in the first scene. She has a bionic eye that can be used for video playback and ballistic aiming.


Sinclair and her team are attacked by a gang of survivors. Sinclair is captured and tortured by the gang's leader while another member of her team is eaten alive by the gang. Sinclair escapes from her captivity and discovers the daughter of Dr. Kane, Cally. Cally, Sinclair and other members of Sinclair's team take a train to the Scottish mountains where Dr. Kane and his followers live. Arriving at the mountains, one of Sinclair's team is killed by Kane's guards. Sinclair herself is forced into open battle with Kane's private executioner, during which it is revealed that those still living in Scotland are those who were naturally immune to the virus and that the leader of the cannibalistic gang is Kane's son. Sinclair defeats the executioner in combat, and she and her team make an escape for the England-Scotland border.


Back in London, Prime Minister Hatcher and his adviser Canaris plan to seal off the parts of London that have become infected. However, an infected man gets through security and contaminates Hatcher. Hatcher commits suicide, and Canaris becomes Prime Minister. In Scotland, Sinclair and her team are escaping from Kane's son in a car chase. They make it to the border and are offered the chance to fly back to London on a government gunship. It's discovered that Cally's blood can be used to form a vaccine, although Canaris intends to withhold the cure for political reasons.

The Return Home

Sinclair turns down this offer and seeks out her old home in Scotland. One of her team meets her there, so she shows him her conversation with Canaris that she recorded with her cybernetic eye. Her team member takes her eye and travels back to London, exposing Canaris' plan to withhold the vaccine. Sinclair returns to the location where she was attacked by Kane's son's gang. Recognizing her, they proclaim her as their new leader.

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