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In "Expelled," Ben Stein explores why professors were driven from their posts.

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"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is a documentary that came out in 2008, courtesy of host Ben Stein and director Nathan Frankowski. Stein, who has acted in many films, also has an economics degree from Columbia University and a law degree from Yale. Stein's interest in education led him to create this movie about academic figures who are pushed out of teaching because of their viewpoints. Stein also explores the effect of Darwinism on the scientific community.


"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" starts by introducing Ben Stein. Stein begins to discuss how he always felt that scientists were free to pursue any topics they wanted to find out the truth about things. Stein then talks about his discovery that multiple professors had lost their jobs at universities because of their attempts at teaching the possibility of intelligent design rather than focusing solely on Darwinism. Stein interviews multiple professors who feel they were driven out of their posts due to their pursuit of investigating creationism.

Conflicting Arguments

Stein also talks to a number of scientists who have conflicting viewpoints. The film shows a few clips of scientists who feel it is a waste to try to teach or discuss creationism. Stein interviews more scientists who talk about the problems with Darwinism. The general consensus among them is that Darwin's theory of evolution was a good idea but had holes in it. All the scientists agree there is no real way to explain the start of the world. Stein interviews a Darwinist who believes life started with crystals or on its own. Stein feels this is not scientifically possible due to the necessary proteins.


"Expelled" begins to discuss what Ben Stein feels the Darwinist scientists are intending with their fierce defense of their beliefs. He theorizes that Darwinists are using their beliefs to extinguish religion because it challenges their ideas. Stein also suggests that scientists feel afraid to pursue alternative theories on how the world started because Darwinism is so widely accepted. Stein talks to scientists who feel the pervasive belief in Darwinism among the scientific community makes it difficult to come up with new ideas. Stein also talks to a scientist who has a brain tumor and feels that Darwinism offers no hope to mankind and destroys faith in people.

Connections and Conclusions

Stein takes his feelings that Darwinism further by making a connection between these beliefs and those of Adolph Hitler. He suggests Darwin's "survival of the fittest" idea may have played a part in Hitler's belief that not everyone was equal. Stein also says that if Darwinism continues to be the only idea taught and explored, no one will ever truly have free speech about their beliefs. Stein ends his movie by saying he thinks everyone who agrees with him should speak up rather than remain silent.

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