Facts About the Movie "Big Daddy"

by Kimberly Dyke

Released in the summer of 1999, "Big Daddy" is a lighthearted comedy starring Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams and Cole and Dylan Sprouse. Sandler's character, Sonny Koufax, is a less-than-ideal adoptive father to a five-year-old boy, Julian (played by the Sprouse twins). Foul language and crude humor earned this film a PG-13 rating, but large audiences laughed along with every joke; the film grossed over $163 million in the U.S.

Film Details

"Big Daddy" was filmed in various locations throughout New York City, including Central Park. It was directed by Dennis Dugan, and the story was written by Steve Franks. The screenplay was written by Franks, Tim Herlihy and Sandler. Out of the Blue...Entertainment produced this film. The estimated budget for "Big Daddy" was $34.2 million. Its June 1999 opening weekend saw sales of $41.5 million from viewings on over 3,000 movie screens.


Aside from Sandler's Sonny and the Sprouse twins' Julian, Jon Stewart plays Kevin Gerrity, Sonny's friend from law school. Joey Lauren Adams is Layla, the girl that Sonny is trying to win over. The film features other well-known actors, including Leslie Mann (who plays Corrinne, Layla's sister), Rob Schneider (the delivery guy) and Joseph Bologna, who portrays Lenny Koufax, Sonny's father.


Sonny Koufax is comfortably (and lazily) living off of a six-figure insurance settlement after law school. He works in a tollbooth one day a week. Julian, a five-year-old boy, appears on Sonny's doorstep claiming to be the son of Kevin Gerrity, Sonny's friend. Having just been dumped by his girlfriend, Sonny decides to take care of Julian in an attempt to prove to his girlfriend that he is a mature adult. While most of his parenting efforts are lacking and prove to be unsuccessful, Sonny experiences a change of heart and gains a broader life perspective.


The film "Big Daddy" won the 2000 Blimp Award for "Favorite Movie" at the Kids' Choice Awards and the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Comedy Motion Picture," along with the 1999 Teen Choice Award for "Movie of the Summer." Adam Sandler won three additional awards for his role in "Big Daddy," namely, the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Actor in a Comedy," the Kids' Choice Blimp Award for "Favorite Movie Actor" and the MTV Movie Award for "Best Comedic Performance." The film was also nominated for several "Razzies," which award the "worst" movies. Sandler even won the "Worst Actor" Razzie.

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