Moulin Rouge Candle Party Ideas

by Audrey Farley
Play cabaret music in the background to set the mood.

Play cabaret music in the background to set the mood.

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Moulin Rouge is a French cabaret that is named for the red windmill on the roof. The club is located in Paris's red light district. Moulin Rouge is a popular party theme, and guests of all ages enjoy the setting of turn-of-the-century Paris. If you are hosting a candle party, make the theme Moulin Rouge by planning elegant but extravagant decorations, centerpieces and activities.

Decorate a Candle Holder

Invite guests to decorate a Moulin Rouge inspired candle holder. Provide beads, glitter, sequins, ribbons, feathers and other extravagant items for guests. Use plain jars or candle holders that are inexpensive and can be decorated easily. Provide a variety of sizes of candle holders so that guests can use their candle holder with whatever size the candle they purchase from the party.

Top Hat Raffle Drawing

Have a raffle drawing for lucky guests to win prizes, such as free candles and Moulin Rouge props. Upon arrival, invite guests to write their name on a small piece of paper and drop the paper into a big, black top hat, inspired by the top hats famously worn by the Moulin Rouge dancers. Give away candles, red and black scarfs, satin gloves, feathered fans and other goodies. You can even draw a name for someone to win the top hat.


Decorate a Moulin Rouge candle party using decorations and centerpieces that incorporate both Moulin Rouge themes and candles. For instance, create a cabaret inspired centerpiece by placing a tea candle on round mirror. Write French messages on the mirror with red lipstick. Alternatively, place large candles in the middle of the table and arrange black and red fathers around the candles. Inflate red and black balloons to arrange around the room or tie to the back of chairs.


Invite party guests to arrive in Moulin Rouge costume. Typical French cabaret costume includes red and black fur -- real or faux, red and black feathered fans, sequined headbands, satin gloves, bow ties, vests and top hats. Distribute beads or sashes to guests upon arrival for party favors. Vote for the best costumes and awards winners free candles or coupons for discounts off their candle purchase.

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