Motocross Drills

by Gary Proulx
Success on the motocross track begins with practice.

Success on the motocross track begins with practice.

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To be the best at any sport you have to practice, and motocross is no exception. A good way to practice motocross drills is to first approach the situation with a solid understanding of the elements that make up the motocross course. When the course is broken down, mentally, into sections it becomes easy to understand exactly what is required for success in each section. This leads to success.

Starting Drill

Many races are won or lost at the start. Measure the distance from the start gate to the inside of the first turn on your local track. This distance varies, depending on the track. Measure to the inside of the first corner because that is where you want to be in the race. Mark off the distance in your practice area At the end of the distance, place something small, like a milk jug. Practice accelerating from the start position to the object. Have a friend time you to check your progress. This helps with keeping the bike under control during heavy acceleration.

Turning Drill

The fist turn is the most crowded turn in the entire race. This is because all of the racers are trying to be the first one around it, and they all bunch together. Use two small objects, like milk jugs, and place them at a distance to each other. Practice going around them in a figure-eight pattern. Using this pattern will train you to make both left and right turns quickly. Practice sliding the bike around the milk jugs, as motocross riders frequently must slide the bike into position, under full power. Vary the distance between the milk jugs to simulate different track conditions.


Every motocross track has jumps. Many racers practice large flamboyant jumping techniques. These involve getting as high as possible and waving while in the air. This might look impressive, but the race is won on the ground. Practice your jumping with an eye towards getting the bike back on the ground as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to stay in alignment with the bike while jumping. Practice weight distribution while in the air. If the front of the bike is too high upon landing, precious time will be lost in correcting it. Bring the front end into position, by using the rear brake, while still in the air.

Braking Drills

Motocross may look like a series of drag races with corners in between, but a lot of braking goes on during a race. Practice braking before and after a corner. When the brakes are applied with the bike leaned into a corner, the bike will stand up. Try to avoid this. Practice using the front brake. Many riders never use the front brake. Those that master the front brake can accelerate more quickly toward a corner because they can wait longer to apply their brakes.

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