Mother-Daughter Tea Party Ideas

by Katina Blue
Planning a mother-daughter tea party requires creativity and imagination.

Planning a mother-daughter tea party requires creativity and imagination.

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A young girl sitting at a small, kid-sized table with a doting mom and imaginary guests in the form of stuffed animals may come to mind when you think of mother-daughter tea parties. Adult women can also enjoy the bonding and socializing experience of a tea party too. With a little creativity and imagination you can plan a mother-daughter tea party for kids or adults.


Using your home as the location is an option for both children and adult tea parties, especially if the guest list is small. Center the party around your dining room, or use the basement or backyard to create a larger space. You can also reserve a banquet room in a fine-dining restaurant or upscale hotel for a more formal affair. For an intimate party with you and your child as the only guests, make your child's room the central location. Set up the tea sets on the floor or use a small kid's table. You can also have the party in your backyard and invite other mothers from your neighborhood to bring their daughters.


Adding a theme to your tea party provides a secondary purpose to drinking tea. Try a dress-up theme that requires the mothers and daughters to wear clothing that represents a specific era. For instance, declare the Victorian period as your time frame and the women can don ruffled, high-collar shirts with long, flowing skirts. For a children's tea party, have the little girls and moms dress up like princesses and pretend that your house is a castle. Decorate the room with pictures of famous princesses and queens and use old tea sets, which you can find at resale shops, to enhance the mood.


Whether young or old, to keep the mothers and daughters entertained, incorporate activities into your party. For an adult mother-daughter party, plan different games the guests can play while enjoying their tea, such as bingo or charades. Have the mothers bring in the funniest baby pictures of their daughters to share, and encourage each daughter to share a humorous story about her mother. For a kid's party, provide costumes for the mothers and daughters to dress up in. Include accessories and makeup so that the girls can have fun getting ready for the party.


Typical tea party food usually includes small pastries, desserts, finger sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres. You can incorporate any of these foods into a tea party for mothers and daughters, no matter their ages. Make homemade desserts that go well with tea, such as cookies and brownies. Prepare sandwiches, cut each one into four pieces, and assemble on a decorative platter. Or, plan a potluck party and have the mothers and daughters bring their favorite desserts to sample.

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