Motels in Pikeville, Kentucky

by Edwin Thomas

For vacationers in search of an Appalachian outdoors getaway in a very off-the-beaten-track location, Pikeville has a place with some potential. A small town in eastern Kentucky with a population of just over 6,000, the town nonetheless has a number of accommodation options and quaint attractions, in addition to its access to the rugged, forested foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


Outdoor activities in Pikeville begin just outside of town on the banks of the Levisa Fork, where anglers fish for smallmouth bass, carp, catfish and sunfish. The area is also a logical base for exploring Fishtrap Lake State Park and Breaks Interstate Park (which is shared with Virginia), with more fishing as well as hiking and horseback riding. Pikeville is also the home of the infamous Hatfield vs. McCoy feud, and has a modest history museum located in the old railway station in the center of town. Dining options in the Pikeville area are dominated by fast-food chain restaurants, with only a few independent cafes and restaurants.

Brookshire Inn

The Brookshire Inn of Pikeville is situated in a three-story brick building so nondescript that it could be mistaken for an apartment building instead. It is located just across a bridge from the main area highway of US 460/23 in the hills between Pikeville and the neighboring town of Coal Run Village, giving it ready access to the Levisa Fork. That also places it only two miles from Weddington Plaza and one of the few nonchain restaurant dining options in the area, the Windmill Family Restaurant.

Landmark Inn

The Landmark Inn is situated on the south end of Pikeville, only half a mile from Pikeville College and three-quarters of a mile from the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center. Two attractive features of this hotel are that it includes one of the area's non-fast-food dining options in its Top of the Inn Restaurant, and it's also around the corner from some of the area's nightlife in the form of the Mark III Bowling Alley and Mark II Lounge. The spot is also convenient for getting on the road for the drive south to Breaks Interstate Park or east to Fishtrap Lake State Park.

Heritage House Hotel

Heritage House is located among the wooded hills outside Prestonburg, roughly 20 miles north of Pikeville. The back of the building consists of a pair of elevated walkways connecting to the two wings of the hotel, creating a space for the outdoor swimming pool that is enclosed, yet also offers a view of the forest. Another advantage of the hotel is that it offers special packages for romantic getaways, weekends at the theater or golfing holidays.