Mosaic Art for Beginners Using Seashells

by Mary Sharp

Decorating with sea shells is a fun and easy craft project that's great for beginners and experienced craft makers alike. Next time you take a trip to the beach, gather several sea shells to use for mosaic art projects once you get home. All you need is a little hot glue and a surface to decorate. Sea shell mosaics can add a casual romantic vibe to many different rooms in your house.

Memory Box

A memory box is a wonderful item to make using a sea shell mosaic decorating technique. Get an old shoe box, a hot-glue gun, and several sea shells of different colors and shapes. Rinse the sea shells and allow them to dry before gluing them to the box. Cover both the lid and body of the box with sea shells. Leave about 2 inches at the top of the box body free of shells so you will be able to close it once the shells are glued on. Once the glue has dried, you'll have a decorative box to put your favorite beach items and memories in. Place pictures, small beach toys, postcards, letters, and anything else that reminds you of the beach.


A lamp base is another excellent surface on which to glue sea shells. Make sure the sea shells are washed and dried before using the glue gun to glue them along an inexpensive lamp base. Once the glue has dried, put a simple white lampshade on the lamp, and you have a beachy, romantic lamp to use in any room in the house.

Jewelry Box

You can use a sea shell mosaic decorating technique to make your own custom jewelry box. Just purchase an inexpensive wooden jewelry box. Then, wash and dry all of the sea shells you want to use to decorate the box. Using the hot-glue gun, cover the jewelry box with sea shells of different sizes and shapes. Once the glue has dried, place the jewelry box on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Hand Mirror

You can decorate a hand mirror with small sea shells to make a romantic, beachy room accessory. Rinse and dry all of the sea shells you want to use for the project before gluing them on the back and handle of an old hand mirror. Then, line the front of the mirror with small shells only, to keep the shells from blocking the mirror. Allow the glue to dry, and place the mirror on your vanity or bathroom counter to create a beachy accent.

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