Morning Birthday Ideas for a Kids Party

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Morning birthday parties are ideal for little kids.

Morning birthday parties are ideal for little kids. Images

Morning parties are ideal for younger kids because the majority of little kids are most active and alert before noon and ready to have birthday fun. Traditional party foods and the birthday cake can be adapted to provide more breakfast-appropriate options, wherein kids can use these food options to play games and make crafts.


A traditional cake works for a morning birthday party, but parents can also be more creative. Stack plain or glazed donuts, securing them with icing to create a birthday donut cake. Decorate the cake with icing and sprinkles. Stack waffles and decorate with fruit and whipped cream to make a waffle cake. Make a few batches of rice cereal treats and mold them into the shape of a birthday cake. Decorate like a normal cake. Bake a traditional birthday cake, but instead of decorating with sprinkles, use colorful breakfast cereals.


Serve traditional breakfast foods instead of the usual party choices. Consider making pigs in a blanket with mini-sausages. Some grocery stores sell mini pigs in a blanket that are made from pancakes and sausage in the freezer section. Use mini cookie cutters to cut fresh fruit into fun shapes and serve as part of a fruit salad. Offer children a variety of fun breakfast cereals or make a huge batch of waffles and provide fun waffle toppings, such as whipped cream, chocolate chips, fresh fruit or strawberry and chocolate sauce.

Games and Activities

Use breakfast foods to provide children with fun games and activities. Mix a little food coloring with milk and have children use clean paint brushes to paint pictures on their toast or pancakes. Cut a hole in a box and hold a pancake toss where children toss pancakes and try to land them in the hole. Many children's breakfast cereals contain holes. String cereal pieces onto yarn or dental floss to make cute neckalces for children to take home.

Party Themes

Consider a theme to make the party more special. Host a breakfast tea where children sit at tables decorated with flowers and tablecloths and pretend to drink tea from fancy tea cups. For a pajama party, request that children come to the party dressed in their pajamas. Award a prize to the child with the coolest pajamas. Consider a sun theme with yellow decorations and invitations, as well as yellow crafts and foods shaped like the sun.

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