Morgan County, Colorado Hunting Seasons

by Anne Reynolds

Morgan County in northeastern Colorado lies on 1,285 square miles. Plenty of open space awaits hunters. Before you hunt, completion of a hunter safety course is required for anyone born later than 1948. Typically, mandatory licensing for all types of hunting and purchase of Habitat Stamps are also required. Colorado has incorporated a walk-in access program that allows hunting on private land participating in the program. Several different hunting seasons are available throughout the year. View current Colorado game brochures for exact hunting dates.

Big Game Archery

Plains deer and pronghorn are the main big game attractions in Morgan County. Normally, plains deer archers hunt in three seasons. The 2011 archery seasons is as follows: Oct. 1-21, Nov. 2-30 and Dec. 15-31. Pronghorn season includes the first three weeks in September, with an early buck season Aug. 15-31.

Big Game Muzzleloader

Muzzleloaders hunt plains deer Oct. 8-16, 2011, while pronghorn season follows, Oct. 21-29.

Big Game Rifle

Two rifle seasons are available for plains deer through Colorado's spring drawing system. The first 2011 season lasts Oct. 22 through Nov. 1, while the second season begins Dec. 1 and runs through Dec. 14. Pronghorn licenses must be drawn as well and typically run the first week of October.

Small Game

Morgan County small game includes pheasant, quail, rabbits and coyotes. Pheasant and quail seasons start in mid-November and run through the end of January. Rabbit season begins Oct. 1 and extends through the end of February. You may hunt coyotes all throughout the year. Many other small game are available and seasons can be verified online or in the Colorado small game brochure.


Waterfowl in Morgan County includes ducks and geese. Besides the normal licensing requirements, waterfowl hunters must also purchase a federal duck stamp, Colorado Waterfowl Stamp and register for the Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program. Typically, Colorado splits waterfowl season into a first split and second split. Dates for both ducks and geese begin in October or November depending on the splits. Ducks end in mid-January while geese end in mid-February.


Small game licenses do not apply to Colorado turkeys and a separate license is required to harvest wild turkeys. Both spring and fall hunting seasons are available to hunters. Normally spring hunting encompasses April and May of each year, while fall season begins on Sept. 1 and lasts through mid-October.

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