Moose Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Plan entertaining games for your child's next moose-themed party.

Plan entertaining games for your child's next moose-themed party.

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If your child is a fan of the largest animal in the deer family, also known as a moose, you can create a moose-themed birthday party for him and his friends. While not many games are specific to moose, you can prepare some classic games with a moose twist. With a few game ideas and some supplies, you have everything you need to plan moose games for a birthday party.

Coloring Contests

Print moose-themed coloring pages from websites like Coloring ( and Color Mountain ( As the party guests arrive, give each one a moose-coloring page to color using crayons and markers. Turn the activity into a contest by awarding prizes for the best, funniest and most creative colorings. For another coloring contest, have the guests try to freehand a drawing of a moose. Hang pictures of different moose on the walls for the children to use as guides.

Circle Games

Play a game of "Hot Moose" instead of "Hot Potato." Have the children sit in a circle and hand one child a plush moose. While music plays, have the children pass the moose around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the moose is out of the game. The last player remaining in the game wins the plush moose to take home as a memento. For another circle game, play a game of "Musical Moose Seats" instead of "Musical Chairs."

Hunt Games

Purchase a large bag of plastic, toy moose figurines at your local toy store or online. Hide the moose around the party area and give each child a favor bag. The child who finds the most moose toys wins a prize. The children can keep the moose they find. For added fun, mark a dot on a couple of the moose. The players who find those moose also win an additional prize. Additional prize ideas include moose-themed stickers, temporary tattoos and plush moose toys.

Tossing Games

Make a tossing game by taping a piece of green poster board to the bottom of a cardboard box. Use a green marker to draw grass lines on the poster board. Cut holes in the box and lean the box against a wall or pole. The players will try to toss moose-shaped beanbags into the holes of the "field." If you cannot find moose-shaped beanbags, moose beanie babies are available online. For another idea, hang hula hoops from a clothesline or tree and have the children try to toss medium plush moose toys through the hoops.

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