Modeling Games for a 9-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party

by Tamiya King
Let your 9-year-old and her friends dress in tea party outfits.

Let your 9-year-old and her friends dress in tea party outfits.

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Your child is turning nine this year, which probably means she's outgrown clown and pirate themes, and she doesn't want any "cartoon characters" showing up at her birthday celebration. If the birthday girl is interested in fashion, a few modeling games will make the party especially enjoyable for your not-so-little girl and her guests.

Toilet Paper Fashion Show

Give the party guests rolls of toilet paper to decorate for the modeling show. Purchase spray glitter in your daughter's favorite colors and stickers for the kids to adorn the toilet paper. Let each guest pick one of nine cards from a hat. Each card should have a name of an accessory, such as "hat," "scarf" or "skirt." Give the children nine minutes to create their fashion masterpiece, then have your camera ready as each guests models her original fashion wear.

Photo Shoot Fashion Show

Purchase an aisle runner in the color your daughter likes best, and adorn it with table confetti in the shape of birthday cakes, hats, and the number nine. In the invitation, tell the girls to come to the celebration dressed in your daughter's favorite shades or patterns, such as polka dots or leopard print. Place a bowl at the end of the aisle runner with extra accessories for the guests to wear before you start taking pictures, like over-sized sunglasses or feather boas. Place the aisle runner in the center of the party site, and stand on the sides of the aisle runner with the other parents at the party to snap photos of the girls as they walk the "red carpet."

Tea Party Modeling

If the guest of honor prefers a slightly posh birthday party, invite her friends over for a tea party and fashion show. Fill vases, painted with the number nine, with accessories that the girls can model, like strings of fake pearls, clip-on earrings and large brooches. Position a hat rack next to the party table and place ornate hats decorated with feathers or ribbon on the rack. Tell the girls to choose the accessories they like and put it on, then sit at the table. Call each girl's name so she can stand, walk around the table, and model her accessories for the group as they applaud. Take lots of pictures of the fashion show for the girls to enjoy as they sip on tea and shortbread cookies shaped like the number nine.

Edible Jewelry Modeling Party

Give your 9-year-old and her guests tasty treats from which to make jewelry. Show the girls how to thread jelly beans onto stretchy string for a bracelet, or assemble gummy lifesaver-shaped candy in your daughter's favorite colors on a longer piece of string to create a necklace. After the guests make their jelly bean bracelets or lifesaver necklaces, roll out the red (paper) carpet for the girls to display their colorful accessories. Take pictures of the girls as they model their jewelry, and place the photos in frames decorated with the birthday girl's name and date of the celebration.

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