Miniature Golf Party Ideas

by Janet Morrison
Mini golf parties accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

Mini golf parties accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

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Miniature golf in the United States is no small business, with gross revenues each season averaging about $200,000 per course, reports Harris Miniature Golf. Many miniature golf courses offer party packages. If the mini golf course does not offer a package, groups may still enjoy mini golf as a fun, reasonably-priced party. Some party planners host mini golf parties at home by creating an indoor or outdoor course. Regardless of the setting, a mini golf party will provide entertainment for your guests.

Party Plans

To select a party location, websites such as offer a directory by state. Courses that offer mini golf as the main event and those that offer added activities such as go karts and arcade games are options. For a mini golf party at home, parents can construct the course indoors or outdoors depending on the season. The family clears floor space in a large room and uses plastic cups for holes. Toys such as blocks comprise the mini golf course design and colored string creates paths to the holes. Children draw the number signs for each hole on colored paper. Regular golf putters or toy store plastic putters and balls complete the supplies. Prizes for low scores and contests for the most creative putt add fun. Families can enjoy creating the course and save money at the same time.

Mini Golf Invitations

Invitations in the shape of a golf ball or golf club match the mini golf theme. An invitation may also include a scanned image of the mini golf course map as the outside, with party details on the inside. A party invitation that resembles a large ticket to the mini golf course is another option. Regardless of the simplicity of the design, any golf artwork blends with the party theme.

Golf Decorations

The birthday child may design cardboard golf clubs for wall decorations at home or in a party room at the mini golf course. Colored tees and small flags that resemble golf course flags can be placed on tables around the party room. For at-home parties, a small plastic pool with water simulates a pond on a golf course, and a shoebox of sand serves as a bunker. Green and white streamers and balloons mirror golf course colors.


Cupcakes with white icing and indents that look like golf ball "dimples" or a birthday cake in the shape of a golf club complete a mini golf party. To match the colored golf balls found at mini golf courses, serve different color melons such as watermelon and cantaloupe scooped into small balls as appetizers.

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