"Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" Party Ideas

by Donna Tinus
The 2010 version of the Power Rangers is missing the green Ranger.

The 2010 version of the Power Rangers is missing the green Ranger.

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The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers began in 1993 with a children's TV show. It morphed into movies and more television shows. Children identify with the group of six teenage ninjas that fight villains such as The Evil Witch Reta Repulsa. Each Power Ranger has a different color helmet and body armor that he or she wears when trying to rid the fictional Angel Grove, California of evil.


Set the Power Ranger theme to greet the guests before they enter your home. Draw shapes of Power Ranger swords and badges on construction paper, cut them out and have your child help you place them on the walkway leading to the house. Decorate your home in the Power Ranger colors which are yellow, green, blue, red, black and pink. Place bunches of helium-filled balloons in those colors around the party room. Look in the stores for Power Ranger Mylar balloons. Some stores carry Power Rangers party supplies such as plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths. Place a few action figures, or whatever Power Rangers toys your child has, in the center of the table.

Cake and Candy

Power Rangers have been popular for quite a long time, so there are usually some type of party supplies in Power Ranger theme. You might be able to find a Power Ranger cake pan to make a Ranger cake. If not, consider placing small, plastic rangers on top of cupcakes. Alternately, you could print out the masks from online pictures, then make several copies and place them on cupcakes. Consider making a pinata using a balloon for the Power Ranger head and some paper mache. Cut a flap in the back and fill with hard candies. The children take turns trying to smack the pinata open with a bat while blindfolded.


Children should enjoy playing pin the badge on the Power Ranger. Make a Power Ranger by having your child lay down on a large piece of butcher block paper and trace his outline. Draw a Power Ranger outfit on the child's shape and color it the color of his favorite Power Ranger. Make a few Ranger badges and place double-sided tape on one side for the children to pin on the Ranger when they are blindfolded. If you are expecting a young group of children, look on the Internet for Power Ranger coloring pages that you can print out for the children to color while they are waiting their turn.


Have children play Evil Org freeze tag. Pick one child to be Master Org and have her stand in the center of the room or backyard. Line the children up at one side of the area. When you say "Go" the party guests should run to the other side of the area as Master Org tries to tag them. Children that are tagged also become evil Orgs. They must try to tag the other Power Rangers as they make their way across the room or lawn. The last Power Ranger standing is the winner and becomes the Evil Org for the next game.

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