Middle School Graduation Party Games

by Chris Brower
Graduation party games are a way to cut loose and laugh about middle school.

Graduation party games are a way to cut loose and laugh about middle school.

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Graduating from middle school is an exciting time. Not only does it mean you are leaving your current school, but also that you will soon be attending high school, which is a memorable time for any student. A good middle school graduation party needs some games. This helps everyone have a good time and make the party one to remember.

Find The Student

This game requires everyone to have a copy of the yearbook. It can be a copy from the previous year, but everyone needs to have the same yearbook. A leader calls out the name of a student at the middle school and the players race to see who finds him in the yearbook first. The first person to place her finger on the yearbook picture of the person whose name was called wins a point. To make the game even more challenging, just call out a first name. While there will likely be several Sarah's in the yearbook, now the name called out doesn't have a last name and players must think of who has that first name and where she's located in the yearbook. Again, the player to find the person the leader has chosen first, wins.

Pin the Mustache on the Teacher

This is a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The rules are the same. However, instead of a donkey, print out a large picture of a teacher (male or female) and cut out a mustache from construction paper. The blindfolded participant has to try to pin the mustache correctly on the teacher.

Guess The Teacher/Principal

This game relies on your impression skills. Cut out small pieces of paper. On each piece of paper write a name of a different teacher or principal at your school. Put the papers in a bowl. Divide the players into two teams. One team goes at a time. A person from the team grabs a name out of the bowl without showing it to anyone else on his team. Next, the person must do an impression of that teacher without saying her name or subject. The rest of his teammates have to guess who it is within a certain time limit, such as two minutes. Points are awarded for each correct guess. Only the team that is currently taking a turn can guess.

High School Cheer

Chances are the high school you will soon be attending has a high school cheer or fight song. This game asks you to make up your own. Divide into small teams and give each team 10 minutes to come up with an entertaining cheer or fight song. Add choreography. Make it inspiring or funny. Then after the 10 minutes are up, each group performs its cheer or fight song.

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