Mickey Mouse Party Needs

by Erin Ringwald
Create a Mickey Mouse-themed birthday for your child's next birthday.

Create a Mickey Mouse-themed birthday for your child's next birthday.

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Choose a Mickey Mouse-themed party for your little one who loves Disney's "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or for an adult who is still young at heart. Regardless of the guest of honor's age, certain party needs help to make the event a success.


You need invitations to announce the party details and the party's theme to your guests. Although store-bought invitations work fine, making your own is a creative option. Create invitations shaped like parts of Mickey, such as his head, his shorts, his shoe or his glove. Draw the shape of your chosen image on a piece of card stock and cut it out. Use black for Mickey's head, red for his shorts, yellow for his shoe, or white for his glove. Add details such as the white buttons on the shorts or black lines on the gloves using markers. Mail the cut-out shapes to the guests with the party details written on the back. Or, if you are following a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme, cut out the clubhouse shape. Use images of Mickey and the clubhouse as a guide (see Resources).


When choosing decorations, use actual images of Mickey or just his signature colors. Place posters of Mickey and his friends around the party venue. For additional accents, add streamers in red, white, yellow and red. Choose a red tablecloth for the food table. Cut two round circles and place them on the front of the tablecloth using double-sided tape. Use yellow, black and white plates. Some party supply stores carry balloons shaped like Mickey's head or his gloves.


Mickey-themed party activities keep the party moving. One idea is "Pin the Tail on Mickey." Cut out tail shapes from pieces of black construction paper. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the tails. Blindfold each guest and then spin them in a circle, one at a time. After spinning, the guest tries to put the tail as close as he can to the actual tail of Mickey. Another idea is the "Hot Dog Dance." At the end of every episode of "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," the characters do a dance called the "Hot Dog Dance." Play the closing song from the show and let the guests dance away.


Choosing a Mickey-themed cake gives your guest a tasty treat with a Mickey twist. Create a layer cake and cover the first layer in yellow fondant to represent the shoes. Cover the second layer in red fondant for the shorts. Attach two white buttons made from fondant to the red layer using buttercream frosting. Then add a white fondant layer for the glove and top it all with a black layer for Mickey's head. Another idea is to bake a sheet cake and cover it in green frosting for grass. Place Mickey Mouse toys on top or even a Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

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