Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

by Michael Monet
Baby shower themes put guests in a celebratory mood.

Baby shower themes put guests in a celebratory mood.

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Baby showers celebrate new life and the enjoyable moments the expectant mother will have with her baby. To communicate this lighthearted feeling, use a classic cartoon icon like Mickey Mouse as your baby shower theme. Center your games, food options, party favors and decorations around Mickey Mouse cartoons and paraphernalia.


To set a theme to a party, begin with the invitation. Use ready-made invitations with Mickey Mouse, which can be found online and printed on your computer, or at stationary stores. Alternatively, use your word processing software to create a custom card. Type your own message, then download a photo or use clip art to place an image of Mickey Mouse on the invitation. If you want to be ultra creative, print a drawing of the classic Mickey Mouse. Trace it onto tracing paper, then have it copied onto card stationary paper. Decorate with colored pens, glitter glue, ribbons and stickers.


Incorporate the image of Mickey Mouse into as many decorations as possible without going overboard. Visit party warehouses or order Mickey Mouse decoration items in bulk online. Mix classic black and white Mickey images with modern color illustrations. Rather than decorating everything with Mickey Mouse, be selective. Overdoing it with images of Mickey may appear tacky. Well-placed images of Mickey complemented with color coordinated decorations will get the message across and with better style.

Relay Race

To play this relay race game, you'll need a long, flat table, several Mickey dolls, baby wipes, baby powder and diapers. Line up several Mickey dolls on a long table. Next to each Mickey doll, put baby wipes, baby power and a diaper. On the count of three, shout "Go!" to see which guest can wipe, powder and diaper the Mickey doll fastest. This game is entertaining for multiple rounds. Have a Mickeythemed gift basket for the winners; don't forget to take pictures.

Mickey Cake

One of the most exciting pieces to any themed party is the themed cake. The Mickey Mouse figure lends itself to a themed cake that's both clearly communicated and simple to make. You can shape the cake like Mickey himself, using a large circle for his face and two smaller circles for his ears. Alternatively, you can create a traditional circular or rectangular cake, then decorate it with Mickey Mouse figurines and illustrations using colored icing. The Disney family website demonstrates a Mickey cupcake recipe, where chocolate cupcakes are covered with white frosting, then regular and mini-size chocolate sandwich cookies are used for the body and ears of Mickey. These understated cupcakes communicate the message without half as much work as an illustrated Mickey cake.

Party Favors

Cartoon themes make party favors easy. Collect Mickey Mouse paraphernalia, illustrated party favor bags and ribbons to tie the bags shut. Mouse ears and Mickey figurines can be supplemented with cookies, candies, plastic jewelry and other items. Purchase these things in bulk at the Disney Store online.

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