What Is Michael McDonald Productions?

by Mario Ramos

Michael McDonald Productions specializes in videotape production. Its namesake, Michael McDonald, is also its current president. The company's best-known work was an instructional documentary created in 1996, which helped parents of children afflicted by brain dysfunction.

Basic Facts

Michael McDonald Productions, Inc. is a privately held company in Tarzana, California. In addition to videotape productions, it specializes in motion picture productions and also provides film services for formal events, such as bar mitzvahs and weddings. Michael McDonald Productions was established in 1991 and incorporated in California, employing 25 people and earning annual revenue of $1.6 million at the time of publication, according to Manta.com.

Officers and Employees

At the time of publication, its vice president was Linda Curtis and its secretary was April M. Donald. Former employees include Miles Dahl, a video editor who helped edit video from bar mitzvahs and weddings, and video editor Jeffrey Robert Korn, according to LinkedIn.com and DocStoc.com.


In 1996, Michael McDonald Productions helped to produce its best-known work, "Bending the Rules: A Guide for Parents of Troubled Children." Created by the Southern California chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association, it is a one-hour documentary designed to assist parents of children suffering from brain dysfunction, especially Tourette Syndrome. The film is on the "Recommended Viewing" lists of several organizations, including the Tourette Spectrum Disorder Association and the Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario.

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To find out more about Michael McDonald Productions (no website; 18324 Oxnard St.. Tarzana, California; 818-881-3211), contact the company via phone or mail.

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