Mexican Party Tips and Games

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Create your own Mexican fiesta.

Create your own Mexican fiesta.

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Host a Mexican party with themed décor, music, food and games. Cinco de Mayo is a popular time to celebrate but you can have a Mexican-themed party at any time of year. Send your guests bi-lingual invitations. Encouraging them to wear Mexican-style outfits or costumes can result in great party photos.

Decorations and Invitations

Mexican parties feature bright colors, such as yellow, red, blue and green. Choose party streamers, balloons, tablecloths and place mats in those colors. Select party favors, such as maracas and miniature sombreros, and place them next to each place setting. Use Spanish with English translations in your invitations or combine the two, using well-known Spanish words, such as fiesta and amigos.


Set the mood for your Mexican fiesta with the best tunes from Mexico. Your local library may have an international music selection, including mariachi bands on CD. However, take care to select specifically Mexican music; other Hispanic cultures have their own styles, which differ significantly. Or, if it fits your budget, hire a live mariachi band for an hour or two.

Food and Beverages

Set out tortilla chips, salsa and queso dip for snacking. Plan on tacos and fajitas for the main meal. Prepare the taco meat filling in advance and serve it on a table alongside a tray of tacos and tortillas and bowls of shredded lettuce, chopped vegetables and grated cheese. Grill chicken, beef or pork strips to order for fajitas. For vegetarian guests, use a meat substitute or serve bean-and-rice burritos. If you're serving alcohol, margaritas, mojitos and Mexican beer will complement the menu. Offer plenty of ice water or agua frescas (see Resources). Follow the meal with Mexican coffee, which is flavored with chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla.


Play Mexican-themed games with sombreros. For the first game, a variation on musical chairs, play some music and request everyone to dance. Give a sombrero to one guest, who must place the hat on his head as he dances and then quickly pass it to someone else, who must repeat the actions. When the music stops, the person wearing the sombrero is "out." The second game requires two sombreros. Divide the guests into two lines. Give a sombrero to the last person in each line. The guest then tucks the sombrero under his chin and attempts to pass it to the next person in line; no hands may be used. The first team to have the sombrero reach the end of its line wins.


The piñata is a staple for Mexican parties. Fill the piñata with candies and set it up at an appropriate height for the guests. Make certain there is enough room to swing the stick without causing damage to the environment or other guests.

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