Messy 18th Birthday Party Games

by Zach Lazzari

The 18th birthday party celebrates a special event and messy games make a fun way to help the guest of honor transition from childhood to adulthood. This type of party requires extra planning to avoid ruining expensive items but the messy fun makes it worth the effort. Messy 18th birthday parties also require extensive cleanup; contracted janitorial services save time and effort after the party.

Foam Dance Party

Big city dance clubs often host foam dance parties, but you can rent a foam machine for use in a private venue. Renting an entire dance club for the night saves on the overall planning, but you can hold a party like this in a backyard or a building with concrete floors. The foam, a non-toxic soap solution, and foam machine rentals are available through party supply stores. Hire a DJ to play the current hits.

Painting Party

Host a painting party for an artistic 18th birthday. Provide finger and body paints. Allow the teens to paint each other and enjoy their messy appearance. Provide a washing station where the party-goers can clean themselves and create a fresh canvas. Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic paint and spray the area clean after the party.

Food Fight

The old fashioned food fight never fails to provide fun at a party. Cook messy foods like spaghetti and chili and wait until all of the happy guests are eating at their tables. Choose a close friend as a target to prevent offending anyone. Start throwing food and wait for the contagious response to spread through the party. Hold the food fight in a cafeteria-type venue with tile floors that are easy to mop. Cover your furniture with plastic and remove valuables from the area if you have tile floors and want to try this in your home.

Paintball Party

Hold the 18th birthday party at a paintball facility and spend the day shooting each other with paint pellets. The day of paintball is fun, messy and a great way to release tension. Paintball is also a great form of exercise and is enjoyed by most teens. Renting an entire paintball course is the best bet for an organized party but paintball is possible on designated sections of public lands.

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