Mediterranean Party Decor

by Amber Webb
Mediterranean decor is often open and airy, like the climate.

Mediterranean decor is often open and airy, like the climate.

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The Mediterranean style reflects the culture, lifestyle and climate of the countries adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. This laid-back natural style features countries of Europe including Spain, France, Italy and Greece, particularly in the regions near the sea. Countries in North Africa also influence variations of décor in the Mediterranean style. Using this type of décor is ideal for setting up a fun and relaxing atmosphere at your party.


You can sort the colors used in Mediterranean décor into three categories by their regional influence: Greece, Provence and Africa. Pick one, or any combination, of these color palettes that suits your taste to use in party décor. The Greece color palette has always included blue and white, reflecting the lime whitewashed houses throughout the Grecian seaside. The Provence style shows off colors of the vineyards and olive gardens, like greens, blues and dark pinks; it often includes terra cotta and yellow as well. This Mediterranean color choice would work well in party décor for an event held outdoors in a garden setting. The Africa variation comes from the Atlas Mountains and Northern deserts. Because of the more limited colors, this would work best to add as an accent color in your party décor.


Lighting is an important part of setting the proper decor for your party. It should be natural for a party set with Mediterranean décor, so think of the mild climate and design styles open and airy, featuring windows and gardens. To light your party, choose an outdoor setting or a covered porch for natural light. The light transition from interior to exterior should be minimal.


Setting the table at your party, Mediterranean décor can be as simple as using basic terra cotta. If you are looking for something with more color, white plates and cups trimmed with a blue edge are reminiscent of the washed houses in Greece. Alternately, choose patterned serving dishes and plates to show off the bold, angled shapes of a Northern Africa Mediterranean décor.


Countries in the Mediterranean use ceramic frequently, so add it to your party décor in basic accent pieces such as flower vases. By adding accents such as colorful tapestries, you can divide off the party space from other areas of your home or garden. Wrought iron is also common in Mediterranean décor, so you may want to add this into pieces like candlesticks.

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