Mature Party Themes

by Sarah Freeman

Whether you're entering a new decade of life or just got word of a job promotion, you'll probably want to celebrate. Many of these types of adult events call for a mature party theme to carry the festivities. There are a variety of sophisticated themes you can host to show guests a great time.

Food and Wine

Invite your friends over for a mature party that's centered around food. Cook an elegant dinner for guests and invite them to enjoy it with you. Alternatively, you can host a wine and cheese party. Stock up on a few varieties of wine for both red and white wine drinkers, including Chardonnay, Shiraz and Rose. You can save some cash by asking guests to each bring their own bottle of wine for everyone to try. In addition, set up a variety of cheese platters and place them around the room for guests to nibble on as they sip their wine. For an added element, hire a sommelier to educate guests at the party about different wines, wine tasting and wine pairing.


You probably went to a few costume parties in your youth, but that doesn't mean you can't host one of these dress-up nights for adults. Choose a theme for the costume party that will fit the party-goers' mature lifestyles. For example, pick a decade to highlight and ask guests to dress for the part. At a 1920s party, guests should wear flapper dresses and zoot suits. Play music from the era, or show a movie taking place during that time. Guests will love the opportunity to take a step back in time while getting together with friends.


Nothing says "mature" like a black tie gala. Guests will appreciate an opportunity to wear their best gowns and tuxes or the opportunity to shop for new ones. Host the event in a large dining room or rent a banquet hall. Stream elegant drapes across the ceiling and place flower or candle centerpieces on each table. Serve a multiple-course meal, including a soup, salad, entree and dessert course. Hire a musician, such as violinist or pianist, to play some classical tunes throughout the event.


Just because you're hosting a mature party doesn't mean you can't play some games. Forget bingo, and host some sophisticated games for guests to play. Buy a few of the latest board games for everyone to enjoy together. Or, for a more rowdy party, host a casino game night where guests can test their luck. Blackjack and Texas hold 'em are a couple casino favorites you can play with just a few decks of cards and playing chips. Instead of dealing with actual cash, give each guest some chips when they show up. At the end of the night, let them use their winnings to "buy" a prize you'd purchased ahead of time, such as a bottle of wine or restaurant gift certificate.

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