Math Games for the iPad

by Jessica Ring

Apple's iPad is a type of tablet computer with wireless capability. The iPad is versatile and portable, with thousands of available downloads in Apple's App Store. Some schools have implemented the iPad into their curriculum due to its educational capabilities. There is a wide variety of educational games, including mathematics, to choose from for the iPad.

Math Cards

"Math Cards" was featured by Apple as a 2009 Staff Favorite. The game teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the form of touch-screen flash cards. Available for 99 cents from the App Store as of June 2011, the game also administers quizzes and gives out letter grades. "Math Cards" is a simple learning tool for elementary-age children.

The MathMaster

Purportedly created by seventh-graders, "The MathMaster" is a math drill iPad game. Available for 99 cents in the App Store as of June 2011, "The MathMaster" allows you to specify the number of problems you wish to complete in the drill. The game finishes the drill by displaying your total score and time. You also can customize the level of difficulty and multiplier/multiplicand settings.

KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun

As the name suggests, "KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun" features seven different educational mini-games. Available for 99 cents from the App Store as of June 2011, "KidCalc" features picture puzzles and six different themes. Each game centers on basic arithmetic problems and is best suited for elementary-age children. A key feature of "KidCalc" is that it presents division problems as they are taught in many schools.

Mathematical Formulas

Despite a less-than-exciting title, "Mathematical Formulas" is an invaluable application for high school and college students or even professionals who use math on the job. "Mathematical Formulas" displays formulas and examples for algebra, trigonometry, geometry and other mathematical disciplines and is ideal for any student who needs help with math. It costs 99 cents from the App Store as of June 2011.

About the Author

Jessica Ring began writing and editing professionally in 2006 for "The Voice," her university's collegiate newspaper. She is a certified English teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and English literature. She is currently in the process of obtaining her master's degree in education.