Master Labyrinth Game Rules

by John Arkontaky

Master Labyrinth can be played by up to four players, age 10 and up, who wander the corridors of a maze looking for ingredients to turn their characters into master magicians. Using maze tiles, numbered tokens, magic wands and secret formula cards, players try to enter the dragon's den to collect a massive treasure. Players roam the shifting corridors of the labyrinth to amass treasure, keep other players from collecting items and ultimately defeat the dragon and take its treasure.


Each player must try to become the master magician. To do this, players collect the 25 tokens scattered across the board. Players score points by picking up the tokens and players are awarded bonus points for collecting tokens that are part of their ingredient lists. Tokens are numbered 1 through 21 and must be collected in numerical order. The game continues until all 25 tokens are picked up and the player with the most points is declared the master magician.

Getting Started

Shuffle maze tiles and randomly place them face up on the board. These represent the walls of the labyrinth. One tile should be left over after all slots on the labyrinth are filled. Turn all numbered tokens face down and shuffle them up. After the tiles are mixed up, place one tile down on each space, but leave spaces around the starting points (represented by colored circles) and board edges. Make sure all tokens are placed on the board face side up so players can see the numbers. Choose a player piece and place the piece on the starting place of the same color. Give one of the 21 secret formula cards to each player. Do not show or share the cards. After each player has a card, the rest of the deck is unnecessary to play. Lastly, each player receives three magic wands.

Taking Turns

With the youngest player going first, a turn begins by shifting the labyrinth. To shift the board, take the extra maze tile and push it onto the board via one of the 12 triangles placed around the board. Push until the tiles line up evenly. This will create a new extra tile to be used the next time the board is shifted. You can push the extra tile into any of the 12 triangles, except to replace where it was before it was pushed off the board. During a turn players stay where they are or move as far as they want. Players can't cross over walls or jump to a corridor that isn't connected to the open passageways. During a turn players can move continuously in any direction. The objects are to pick up tokens, shift the maze walls to block other players from picking up tokens and achieve a position in the labyrinth to pick up more tokens on subsequent turns. A player may put his piece on a tile even if it can not be picked up yet, but to pick up a token players have to move to the spot and can not pick it up by resting on it. Also, once a player moves he cannot circle back to end a turn on the original square from which the turn started.

Wands and Ingredients

Each player receives three magic wands that can be used at any time during the game (as long as it is the player's turn). Magic wands grant an extra turn. Players can only use one wand per turn and aren't required to use all three wands. Ingredients are the components on a player's secret formula card and are represented on the board by the 25 tokens placed in the labyrinth. Players will receive significant score bonuses for collecting ingredients on their lists.

Making Deals

Players can use collected tokens and magic wands as currency during the game to "buy" advice from other players. Players can ask or offer advice and haggle for tokens or wands to receive advice. The player asking for advice must pay the adviser if the advice is used. However, if the player doesn't use the advice, payment is not mandatory.


The game is over when all 25 tokens are collected. At this point, players tally their scores and the player with the highest score wins. There are three components factored into a player's score. First are the 25 tokens. Each token is scored at its numerical value. For example, the token numbered "1" has a score value of 1 and the number "25" token has a score value of 25. Also, players are granted 20 extra points for each token collected that is part of her secret formula. Magic wands are the third part of scoring. Each magic wand that isn't used is worth three points.

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