Masquerade Sweet Sixteen Invitation Wording

by Cindy Roussos
Instead of having a traditional party, invite your friends to a night of mystery at your Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Ball.

Instead of having a traditional party, invite your friends to a night of mystery at your Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Ball.

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A girl's sixteenth birthday is a milestone event. When she turned sixteen, celebrity Debbie Ryan, of "Suite Life" fame, held a masquerade party; however, you don't have to be a celebrity to have your own Sweet Sixteen Masquerade. Choose decorations and party favors to match your theme. When you invite your guests, hand-deliver them a mask-shaped invitation or you can go a more traditional route and mail them a formal invitation.

Formal Text

If you want your invitations to have the formal feel of a real masquerade ball, then at the top of your invitation you can include text that says, "The honor of your presence is formally requested at (insert your first and last name)'s Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Ball." Another option is to start your invitation with this text, "You are cordially invited to attend (insert your first and last name)'s Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Party." Either of these introductory sentences will set a formal tone for your event.

Fun Text

If you want to send out a more light-hearted invitation, then begin your invitation with this note, "Ready for a night of mystery and fun? Then join me for my Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Blast!" An alternate, light-hearted invitation could also be, "Bring your mask and your dancing shoes, (insert your first and last name) is turning sixteen. Join us for the best Masquerade Party you've ever seen!"

The Details

After you begin with either your formal or fun opening, you will need to add specific party details to your invitation. Include both the day and date of your event, for example, Saturday, August 27. List your party's start time and end time. Many of your party guests may be dropped off by parents. Their parents will need to know when they should return for their children. Note the name of your venue and the venue's street address. By adding the street address, guests who are unfamiliar with the location will be able to use a GPS system or an on-line map service to find the venue.


At the end of your invitation, include a notice asking guests to RSVP. RSVP is short for the French phrase, "Repondez, s’il vous plait," or please respond. Include a specific date that you wish to receive your responses. For example, you can say, "Please respond by Friday, August 19." You should include either a telephone number or an email address for guests to use for their responses.

Masks Or Costumes

Some masquerade events require guests to wear a complete costume, such as a ball gown and a mask. Other events only require that guests bring their masks to the party. If you are requiring a full costume, list that detail at the bottom of your invitation. If only masks are needed, then ask guests to please bring their masks to the party. Finally, you may decide that masks are optional, and if this is the case, then simply write the following on your invitation: "Masks are optional."

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