Marine Animals Birthday Party Ideas

by Christine Gauvreau
Use plastic fish to decorate the party space.

Use plastic fish to decorate the party space.

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Celebrate the birthday of a child who is enamored of sea life with a marine-animals party theme. Incorporate a variety of sea creatures into the party's décor, games and food to create an "under-the-sea" atmosphere. Include a focal point that features your child's favorite sea animal, perhaps in the form of a piñata or centerpiece.


Cut the shape of a fish out of card stock paper. Have your child decorate one side and write, "You're o-fish-ally invited to a marine animals party," along with the party details on the other side.


Purchase inflatable sea creatures from the party supply store. Inflate them and place them all around the party space. Line the floor with a blue tarp and hang blue streamers from the ceiling to create the effect of being under the waves. Suspend a few of the inflatable marine-animals from the ceiling as well, to appear as if they're floating in the water. Dress the table with a blue tablecloth. Sprinkle gummy fish and goldfish crackers as table confetti. Fill fish, dolphin and crab-shaped balloons with helium and tie them to a plush sea creature. Create centerpieces from fishbowls filled with sand, shells, starfish and plastic crabs. Tie additional sea-creature balloons to the backs of the chairs. Pump bubbles into the party space with a bubble machine.

Crab Walk Relay Race

Teach guests to walk like crabs (walk on their hands and feet with their tummies facing up) to compete in this humorous party activity. Divide the players into two even teams. Have half of the players from each team line up on one side of the room. Have the other half of the players line up on the opposite side. The first players in line for each team crab-walk to the other side of the room and tag their teammates. The tagged players crab-walk back to the starting point to tag the next players in line. The race continues in this manner until all the players from one team successfully complete the crab-walk.

Octopus Cake

You won't need eight hands to make this easy cake, but you will need a large platter on which to assemble and serve it. Cover a large piece of sturdy cardboard with aluminum foil. Prepare your favorite cake recipe and bake it in a dome-shaped pan or oven-safe bowl. Also, bake 48 miniature cupcakes. Allow the dome cake to cool, then transfer it to the center of the cardboard serving platter. The dome cake will be the body of the octopus, so frost it with your desired color of icing. Frost the cupcakes to match the dome cake. Arrange eight sets each of six cupcakes to form the legs. Use candy pieces or gel icing to add the facial features to the head of the octopus.


To create sea-creature-themed party favors, fill miniature beach buckets with items such as packages of fish crackers, gummy sea-creatures, squirting fish, sea-creature stickers, temporary tattoos and inflatable marine animals.

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