Margaritaville Invitation Ideas

by Lisa Magloff
Sending invitations in a margarita glass can help guests get in the party mood.

Sending invitations in a margarita glass can help guests get in the party mood.

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Margaritaville is one of the most popular songs by performer Jimmy Buffet. Buffet's mellow persona and tropical beach-themed songs are very popular among his fans, known as Parrot Heads, and his music lends itself to a festive, laid-back party atmosphere. If you or a loved one are Jimmy Buffet fans, then a Margaritaville-themed party may be the perfect summer get-together. Set the tone right from the start with themed invitations.

Shaker of Salt

The chorus of Margaritaville includes the line, "Searching for my lost shaker of salt...". Get your guests in the Margaritaville spirit by sending them an invitation in a shaker of salt. Write or print your invitations onto small pieces of paper. Half-fill clean, transparent salt shakers with salt. Roll up the paper invitations and insert them into the shakers and put the lid on. Tape up the holes in the lid to prevent the salt from spilling out in transit. Pop the shakers into small boxes and and mail them, or drop them off on the doorsteps of your guests.

Flip-Flop Invitations

Jimmy Buffet's song Margaritaville includes the line, "Blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top...". Remind your guests about this song, and get them in the spirit of the party by sending your invitations on a pair of colorful flip-flops. Use a permanent marker to print the party time and location on the soles of a pair of flip-flops, then place the sandals in an envelope and mail them to your guests. Guests can be encouraged to wear the flip-flops to your party.

Beach Ball

The song Margaritaville tells the story of a man who spends a summer in a beach resort. Get your guests in the beach spirit by writing your invitations directly on beach balls. You can do this yourself using a permanent ink marker. Write the invitation on inflated beach balls, then deflate the balls, place them in envelopes and send them to your guests with instructions to inflate the balls right away. You can also have the beach balls professionally printed by a promotional products printer. Guests can be encouraged to bring the beach balls to the party to use for party games.

Margarita Glasses

Nothing says Margaritaville better than a margarita glass. Specialty party and promotional product suppliers will print your party invitations directly onto a margarita glass. You can also write on the glass with a permanent marker. These can then be filled with confetti and streamers and left on the doorsteps of your guests. Guests can be encouraged to bring the glasses with them to the party, to be filled with the real thing.

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