Mardi Gras Events in Portland, Oregon

by Ian Farquharson
Portland has a number of Mardi Gras events for residents and visitors.

Portland has a number of Mardi Gras events for residents and visitors.

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The city of Portland lies in the northwest state of Oregon, with the city staging a number of celebrations throughout the year. Some of the more well-known festivities include the Portland Rose Festival, known as "Portland's Official Festival." But Portland also celebrates a number of occasions, including Mardi Gras, with restaurants and organizations staging costumed events for residents and visitors.

Mysti Krew of Nimbus

The Mysti Krewe of Nimbus ( stage their first annual Portland Mardi Gras Ball in 2011. Krewes in New Orleans typically organize the Mardi Gras celebrations in the city, and the Mysti Krewe of Nimbus aims to follow their lead by bringing a traditional Louisiana Mardi Gras experience to Portland. The costumed ball offers a variety of entertainment for guests, including live music, traditional New Orleans cuisine, a costume competition,and the naming of a Mardi Gras king and queen.

EaT: An Oyster Bar

EaT: An Oyster Bar ( brings a touch of traditional southern cooking to Portland, serving specialties such as jambalaya, gumbo and Cajun shrimps. Their southern hospitality extends to organizing a party to celebrate the Mardi Gras carnival season. This runs for most of the day, with patrons welcome to turn up in costume and compete for prizes. Other entertainment includes live music in the evening, traditional King Cakes and plenty of authentic southern food to enjoy.

Other Restaurants

A few other restaurants in Portland specialize in southern food and some of these will put on Mardi Gras celebrations. My Brother's Crawfish ( and Acadia ( both serve southern delicacies throughout the year. They typically stage parties celebrating Mardi Gras, which feature a menu of traditional food. This can include southern specialties, such as gumbo, crawfish and King Cake.

Pancake Dinner Fund-Raiser

This annual Mardi Gras event helps to raise funds and supplies for the Good Samaritan Food Bank (no website; 8160 N. Jersey St., Portland, 97203; 503-719-9460) in Portland. Local Portland churches host the event, which includes music and food. Guests can enjoy the celebrations, as well as make cash and food donations to help the Good Samaritan Food Bank.

Alberta Rose Theater

Other venues around Portland can organize Mardi Gras events. This includes the Alberta Rose Theater (, which has staged an evening of Zydeco and Cajun musical entertainment, along with traditional southern food, to provide guests with some Fat Tuesday style celebrations.

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