Malls In Morocco

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Shops in Moroccan malls are full of colour and style.

Shops in Moroccan malls are full of colour and style.

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Travel to the exotic Morocco on your next holiday where you can experience the pleasures of authentic cuisine, delight in the sights and sounds of a new destination and enjoy the luxury of shopping in style for Moroccan designer wear. The country is famous for the film, "Casablanca" and it is in Casablanca that you will experience the delight of Moroccan malls, full of treasures ready for you to take home.

The Casablanca Mall

Situated on the south side of Casablanca is one of Morocco's newest luxury malls featuring a variety of retail, restaurants, fashion stores and even an IMAX cinema. The Casablanca Mall is only 65 feet from the Atlantic Ocean which provides a cool sea breeze that floats in from the African coastline.With avant-garde designs, zinc facades and glazed domes, this Moroccan Mall offers tourists and locals a pleasant shopping experience.

The Morocco Mall

The largest mall in North Africa is the Morocco mall ( an impressive space spanning over 10,000 yards and designed by internationally acclaimed architects. Morocco is truly the gateway to Africa and the perfect place to begin any African shopping adventure or journey. The Morocco Mall gives travelers and locals a blended experience of the traditional and a modern markets and it has fashion, entertainment and Moroccan cuisine in a relaxed, multicultural environment.

Rabat Mega Mall

The Rabat Mega Mall ( has wide-open spaces where shoppers can browse and dine at many restaurants and cafes. At the Rabat Mega Mall you can experience leisure activities such as bowling and movies. You can also shop for the latest fashion designer fashions, which make it unique in the greater Rabat area, as there are no other malls there that offer contemporary fashion designs.

Marrakech Mega Mall

Boutiques, restaurants and entertainment, the Marrakech Mega Mall ( has them all. Marrakech Mega Mall has plenty of parking, a children's nursery and communications stations. You can dine at any of the multicultural restaurants and food cafes all featured in the main area for convenience. Marrakech Mega Mall's services include Wi-Fi access, accessibility options, interactive fun areas, views and walks through gardens.

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