Makeover Party Themes

by Kyra Sheahan
Throw a natural makeover party to share organic beauty tips.

Throw a natural makeover party to share organic beauty tips.

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Whether you are planning a birthday party for your tween daughter or thinking up party ideas for you and your female roomies, a makeover-themed party is the perfect way to do something girly and have a good time. Makeover parties give the gals a chance to share beauty tips, practice their cosmetic-application techniques and take pictures to remember how they looked all glammed up. Come up with a theme for your makeover party that gives your activities a unique twist and focus.

Natural Beauties

For your next makeover party tailor the theme of it around natural beauty. Focus on creating facial masks out of avocado and plain yogurt, covering your eyes with cold cucumbers to reduce any redness or swelling and applying makeup in neutral colors that give your face a healthy glow. You might purchase makeup, such as blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick, from a natural or organic beauty supplier. Extend your theme into the types of food served at the party by offering fruit salads, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and sparkling water with a spritz of citrus or watermelon. Keep your makeover materials, foods and beverages clean and light.

Glitz and Glamor

A glitz and glamor makeover party is ideal for the group of girls that want to do themselves up with glitter, rhinestones, bright-colored makeup and exaggerated hairdos. You might host a glitz and glamor-themed party just before going out for an evening with the gals or just to have fun while staying in. Come up with glamorous celebrities to use as your inspiration for the makeovers, such as Marilyn Monroe for a classical image or Lady GaGa for a modern glamorous look. Work on your makeup using foundation, bright shimmery eyeshadows, dark eyeliner, fake eyelashes, glittery mascara, bright lipstick and tiny rhinestones that you can paste above your eyelids using cosmetic glue. Style your hair in an up-do or down with giant curls, depending on which celebrity you are inspired by.

Halloween Makeovers

Halloween is approaching and before you and your girlfriends attend that Halloween party, you want to be sure you get your costume makeup just right. In preparation for the holiday, host a Halloween-themed makeover party where you and your friends can practice applying your Halloween makeup. Plan ahead by stocking up on a variety of Halloween makeup must-haves, such as stage makeup, fake eyelashes, scar-making kits, fake blood, vampire teeth, scary contacts for your eyes and wigs. Whether you and your friends are dressing up for Halloween as dead cheerleaders, witches, cats, vampires, pirates or ghosts, you can practice achieving your ideal look at a Halloween makeover party.

Beauty Parlor

Young girls will enjoy a makeover party with a beauty parlor theme, where some of the girls play the makeup artists and hairstylists and the other girls pretend to be the customers getting the makeovers. Girls at the party take turns playing different parts, so that each girl gets a chance to apply the makeup or do the hair and be made over. Set up the party space like a beauty parlor with chairs in a row, mirrors in the front and "stations" that have spots for hair accessories, blow dryers, straightening irons and makeup. You might even add a manicurist to the mix, too.

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