Make-at-Home Party Invitations

by Tamiya King
Purchase delicate, pastel paper for a sophisticated invitation.

Purchase delicate, pastel paper for a sophisticated invitation.

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If you're planning a party soon and are particularly budget conscious, it's a good idea to make the invitations at home so you'll have more money for the food and decor. DIY party invitations also give you the opportunity to express your creativity and serve as a colorful preview to the enjoyable event you're organizing.

Invitation "Containers"

Purchase something to hold your homemade invitations, such as a bottle or a balloon. Place a small birthday party invitation inside a colorful balloon before blowing up the balloon. Tie a brightly hued piece of string or yarn around the balloon before handing the balloons to party guests. Alternatively, roll a piece of invitation paper in a scroll shape and place it in a small glass bottle. Write the invitations with a calligraphy pen for a fancy look, and place glitter or table confetti inside the bottle to add color to the invitation.

Elegant Invitations

If you're planning a classy event, purchase invitation paper and use a fancy print to add the wording to the paper. Buy gold or silver frames to house the invitations if you'll be handing the documents out in person. Or, line the invitations with silk or velvet ribbon to emphasize the sophistication of the event. You can also use pieces of fabric for the invitations. Choose fabrics like satin or silk and paint the invitation details on each piece. Roll the fabric and secure it with a jeweled napkin holder to invite friends to a formal dinner party.

Themed Invitations

Present invitations to your guests that are a direct indication of your party's theme. For instance, purchase leis made of synthetic flowers and tie an invitation card to each lei for a luau celebration. Or, tie a small invitation card around a short scented candle to invite guests to your Valentine's Day candlelight dinner party. Buy several small plastic pails and fill them with seashells and an invitation card to invite your loved ones to your beach-themed birthday celebration.

Specially Shaped Invitations

Use stencils and colored invitation paper to create invitations that take on a shape related to the party's theme. For instance, an invitation in the shape of a "25" in silver or a "50" in gold paper is appropriate for a 25th or 50th anniversary celebration. Invitations in the shape of a dress or high-heeled shoe are just right for a party with a fashion theme. Or, you can cut out shapes of eggs, bunnies or palm branches for an Easter event. Accent the invitations by using metallic paint for the borders or spraying the invites with glitter.

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