How to Make Your Xbox Avatar Skin Any Color You Want

by Brenton Shields

The Xbox 360 console allows players to have custom avatars, which are virtual representations of the player, for use during online gaming. The avatar's skin color can be changed to match a variety of tones available from Xbox, and you can pick any one you want. Altering the skin color of your avatar only takes a few seconds.

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Step 1

Power on the Xbox 360 console and sign in to your user profile.

Step 2

Go to the Xbox 360 dashboard. It will come on automatically if there is no disc in the console, otherwise you will have navigate to it by pressing the central Xbox button on the controller followed by the "Y" button.

Step 3

Scroll to the "My Xbox" tab, then scroll over to and select "Game Profile."

Step 4

Select "Customize Avatar" to bring up a list of customizable options.

Step 5

Select "Change My Features," then select "Skin Tone." This will bring up a variety of skin tones to choose from and you can select any one you want.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some modders offer tutorials that teach users how to hack into the system and install different skin colors like blues and greens. Be weary of this activity, however, as it will get you banned from Xbox Live.

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