How to Make Window Stars

by Heather Dewar
Select bright, lively colors when purchasing kite paper for window stars.

Select bright, lively colors when purchasing kite paper for window stars.

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Waldorf-inspired window stars are made from kite paper, usually with each star point a different color, making a rainbow effect. These brighten up windows, letting a little light shine through the transparent paper. The best kite paper for these projects can be purchased through Waldorf schools or from online Waldorf craft suppliers. Once you get the hang of the folding aspect, this project is surprisingly simple and enjoyable to do over and over again.

Items you will need

  • 8 squares of kite paper
  • White glue
Step 1

Fold one square of kite paper in half and run your finger over the fold to create a sharp crease. Open the paper back into the original square and then fold in half the other direction and smooth that crease. Unfold. Your paper kite square should now have two creases creating four equal-sized squares.

Step 2

Fold one corner of the paper over so the the corner point reaches the center of the square. The edges of the corner should touch the paper folds evenly. Fold the other three corners toward the center, making a square. Make creases and smooth the paper down so the flaps do not open.

Step 3

Turn the square so one corner is pointing straight toward you. Fold the right corner, lining the outside edge of the square against the center fold crease. Fold the left corner over in the same way, making the square into a diamond shape with the bottom of the diamond longer than the top.

Step 4

Fold the other seven squares of kite paper into the same diamond shapes.

Step 5

Turn the diamonds over so the sides with the flaps are downward. Take one folded diamond and add small drops of glue to the right-hand corner toward the end that is shorter. Take a second diamond and place on the glue, with the points of both diamonds meeting at the center of what will be a star. The second diamond should flare out about 30 degrees from the first. Smooth over the paper with your hand to make sure the glue adheres well.

Step 6

Add the remaining diamonds in the same fashion, layering one on the other until you have a star with eight points. Put a book on top of the star until the glue dries completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add your stars to a window with double-sided tape or a dab of white glue. The glue will wash off easily with soap and water.

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