How to Make Underwater Party Themes for Kids

by Lane Cummings
Having an underwater-themed party can give kids a glorious adventure in their imaginations.

Having an underwater-themed party can give kids a glorious adventure in their imaginations.

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Life under the ocean has always provided a source of mystery and sparked the curiosity of both kids and adults, showcased in popular culture via movies like "The Little Mermaid," "Splash," "Finding Nemo" and "Jaws." Creating a party that feels more like an undersea adventure will inspire the imaginations of children, not only giving them an experience they've most likely never had, but will provide a platform for make-believe games and the opportunity to reinvent themselves as mermaids, fish, dolphins, sharks or a number of other sea creatures.

Items you will need

  • White slips of paper
  • 10- to 12-inch-high glass bottles
  • Sand
  • Aquatic auto-rotating night light
  • Seashells
  • Ocean-themed movie
  • Ocean-sounds recording
  • Aquatic-themed food or seafood
Step 1

Create a basic invitation on a white slip of paper. Smudge the ink a little, as though the invitation has been wetted by ocean water. Roll up each of the invitations and stick them in glass bottles. Sprinkle a little sand in each glass bottle and replace the cap. Distribute each "message in a bottle" in person to the parents of each invited guest.

Step 2

Dim the lights of the room where the party will be and set up an auto rotation ocean-themed night light. This device will project all sorts of underwater life onto your walls while rotating, giving the whole room a sense of being surrounded by the movement of fish and other aquatic life.

Step 3

Present an ocean- or aquatic-themed movie on silent in the background. Movies like "The Little Mermaid" or "Finding Nemo" are appropriate.

Step 4

Play the sounds of ocean waves in the background to foster the aquatic effect. Purchase or collect seashells of all shapes and sizes and scatter them around the room.

Step 5

Offer ocean- and seafood-themed refreshments, such as crab cakes and shrimp. If you think kids aren't ready yet for seafood, offer them fish-shaped crackers and cookies.


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