How to Make Tulle Bows for Flower Stands

by Chelsea Fitzgerald

Flower stands come in many decorative shapes and sizes to provide an ornamental display for a vase or other container of flowers. They are useful at weddings, receptions and other special events. Adding a tulle bow enhances the stand and the colors of the flowers. It draws the eye to the arrangement and provides a festive touch. Tulle bows are relatively inexpensive if you make them yourself. This is an economical way to cut down on the expense of the event.

Items you will need

  • Sharp scissors
  • Roll of tulle in the width you desire
  • Florist wire (optional)
  • Wire cutters (optional)
Step 1

Cut the tulle in 36-inch lengths with sharp scissors. Vary this size depending on how large you want the bows. Tulle comes in a wide variety of widths, ranging from as narrow as 3 inches to much wider. A 9-inch width is appropriate for flower stands.

Step 2

Locate the middle of the tulle length with your fingers.

Step 3

Tie the tulle snugly around the flower stand in a bow. Do this in the same manner you would tie a shoestring. Pull the loops out as wide as you desire to obtain the look you want.

Step 4

Slip another length of the tulle through the knot you formed on the front of the tulle bow. Pull it through until both ends of the tulle hang down at the same level. These are the tails of your bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cut 8-inch lengths or longer of florist wire with wire cutters. Wrap the wire around the flower stand and the tulle bow if it slips down or does not stay where you want.
  • Tulle is available at fabric, craft and hobby and discount stores. Florist wire is available at discount and craft and hobby stores.

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