How to Make T-Ball Fun

by Richard Toole
Children as more likely to keep play t-ball if they enjoy it from the beginning.

Children as more likely to keep play t-ball if they enjoy it from the beginning.

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When trying to teach children how to play t-ball, it is important to build each child's confidence, as well as keep them interested in the game. Confidence building begins in the backyard, before a child ever plays an organized game of t-ball. Once a child begins to gain confidence, help keep them interested in playing the game by offering incentives, such as prizes or certificates of achievement.

Items you will need

  • Iron-on patches
  • Gift certificates
Step 1

Divide your team into four groups. Assign each group to one of four practice stations: playing catch, fielding ground balls, running bases and batting stance and practice swings. Start a stop watch and have your players perform their exercises at each station for three minutes. After three minutes, blow a whistle and have them rotate to the next station. Continue rotating every three minutes until the players have done all of the drills. Rotating quickly will keep the players from getting bored, and they will look forward to moving to the next station.

Step 2

Reward players with iron-on patches. Show your players several patches that they can earn for playing well in games. Award players a patch for showing good attitude, demonstrating teamwork and being a good sport as well as for getting hits or playing well on defense. The patches can be ironed onto the player's hats. Players will try to earn as many patches as they can, and will use it as motivation to perform well.

Step 3

Hand out gift certificates to each player who attends every practice and game. Tell the players at the beginning of the season that they will receive a gift certificate to a toy store or another store if they show up for each practice and game. Keep track of player attendance and reward those players at the end of the season.

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