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    How to Make a Paper Master Sword

    The Master Sword serves as the legendary sword of Hyrule's hero in "The Legend of Zelda" video game series. Only individuals whose hearts are filled with goodness and valor can wield the Master Sword. Fortunately, fans of the series can create a paper replica of the hero Link's blade. Players should refer to imagery of the Master Sword throughout all of the "Zelda" games to create the version of the blade they prefer.

    How to Make a Trojan Sword Out of Cardboard

    Kids, and even some adults, like to have play sword fights. Because of the constant contact play swords get, they can wear out quickly. Using cardboard to make a Trojan sword is a good craft project for parents and kids. These swords are inexpensive to construct and make use of recycling. Make several swords at one time to give you spares. Use cardboard Trojan swords as party favors for boys' birthday parties, for props for school plays or at Halloween.

    How to Make a Sword Out of a Yard Stick

    You may never be a swashbuckler, warrior, samurai or anyone else who wields a sword, but you can certainly dress and act like one. This is fun at Halloween, or just as a way to pass an afternoon. However, you probably do not want to carry, or use, a real sword. A yardstick is the perfect size for a pretend sword, and if more than one person has one, you can carefully hold pretend duels with your friends.

    How to Make a Children's Sword

    Homemade swords make great accessories for Halloween pirate costumes or weapons for children's play fights. Swords made from cardboard and duct tape are safe, cheap, quickly made disposable toys. Enlist your kids' help to make a batch for a pirate-themed birthday party, and let the guests try their swashbuckling abilities in a big free-for-all outside. Materials for multiple swords cost only a couple of dollars, and each sword takes just five minutes to make. Make longer-lasting toy swords for older children from PVC pipe and foam.

    How to Make a Styrofoam Sword

    Every little prince, pirate and knight deserves his own Excalibur. However, every mom needs to know sword fights are safe and fun experiences. Craft a Styrofoam sword for your little man to ensure safe, creative play on the backyard battlefield. Find large Styrofoam sheets at your local craft store to design a lightweight sword that any little boy would be thrilled to wield.

    How to Make a Strong Foam Sword

    Whether you're making a sword for a child's costume or just for children to play with, it is important that you make sure the item is safe. One way to ensure safety is to make the sword out of foam. Foam is a soft, fairly durable material that is easy to work with and safe for your children to play with. However, if you want the sword to last longer than one play session, you need to make it strong.

    How to Make a Newspaper Sword

    Make a newspaper sword as an accessory for a Halloween pirate costume or a disposable toy made from recycled materials. Newspaper swords cost almost nothing, are quick to create and are unlikely to hurt anyone. This makes them ideal toys for the guests at a pirate-themed birthday party. Each sword will take just a couple of minutes to make once you've had a little practice.

    How to Make a Fake Cardboard Sword

    A sword is a necessary tool for any pretend knight or Viking. Using a sword to protect a family's honor during playtime is crucial to defeating an opponent. Make a fake cardboard sword to use during downtime your children. Create the sword with cardboard that is about 1/4-inch thick to make it sturdy and strong enough for everyday battle during leisure time with the kids.