How to Make a Snowman Craft Using a Plastic Bottle With Preschool Kids

by Annabelle Lee
Preschool children will enjoy making a snowman replica from a plastic bottle.

Preschool children will enjoy making a snowman replica from a plastic bottle.

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Whether you are looking for a winter craft for your preschool child at home or for a whole classroom, creating a snowman out of a plastic bottle is an inexpensive craft. Crafts are a fun way for children to practice their fine motor skills and create a memento for their parents or grandparents at the same time. Depending on the skill level of the children involved, many of the basic steps have more than one way to accomplish the task.

Items you will need

  • White coffee creamer bottles or 20 oz. soda bottles
  • Fine sandpaper
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cotton balls or white tissue paper
  • Craft glue
  • Cotton batting
  • Ice pick
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange toothpicks
  • Black pony beads
  • Different colored felt, 1-inch-by 8-inch pieces
  • Glittery pompoms (one per bottle)
  • Black pompoms (four per bottle)
  • Small twigs (two per bottle)
Step 1

Assess the skill level of the child or children you will be working with to determine whether they are at a basic or advanced skill level. For example, three-year-olds will probably be at a basic level, and four- and five-year-olds have more advanced skills.

Step 2

Collect the appropriate number of white coffee creamer bottles or plastic soda bottles and remove the wrappers from the outside of the bottles. Coffee creamer bottles will need no additional preparation. Deal with soda bottles in one of several ways: lightly sand the bottles and paint with white acrylic paint, fill with cotton balls or white tissue paper, or glue cotton batting to the outside of the bottle with craft glue. How much of this preparation you do ahead of time and how much you assist the children in doing themselves depends upon their skill level.

Step 3

Finish the preparation by using an ice pick to poke a hole in either side of the body to insert arms, and one in the center of the "face" for inserting a nose. Complete this step ahead of time, as the tool is too dangerous for children of this age to work with.

Step 4

Assist the children in the completion of the project. Glue on googly eyes above the nose. Put craft glue on the end of an orange toothpick and insert in the hole in the face for the nose. Glue black pony beads in a curved line for a smiling mouth.

Step 5

Tie the pieces of felt around the bottle for a scarf. Help children who cannot tie knots.

Step 6

Glue a glittery pompom on top of the cap for a tassel. Glue four black pompoms down the front of the body for buttons.

Step 7

Dip small twigs in craft glue. Insert them into the small holes in the side of the bottle for arms.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may want to place sand, pebbles or clear marbles in the bottles to weight them down. If using small objects, do this ahead of time and glue the tops on the bottle with permanent glue before allowing small children to decorate the bottles.

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