How to Make a Skateboard Into a Mini Longboard

by Philip Foster
Mini longboards are ideal for cruising across a level terrain.

Mini longboards are ideal for cruising across a level terrain.

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While skateboarders practice adrenaline-pumping jumps down stair sets and handrails, longboarders opt for a more laid back approach. The longboard, often referred to as the cruiser board, is a low impact form of transportation that can reach speeds of 30 mph or more. As opposed to going out and purchasing a brand new longboard, you can easily convert your street skateboard into a mini longboard with a few basic components. Daddies Boards Shop recommends outfitting your setup with a pair of soft urethane wheels that have a diameter of 80 mm for increased speed.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Skate tool
  • Longboard trucks
  • Longboard bearings
  • Longboard wheels
Step 1

Place your street skateboard onto a level work surface such as a counter top or table. Rotate the skateboard sideways to have adequate access to the various components. Insert the screwdriver into one of the eight bolts of the skateboard.

Step 2

Align the skate tool over the nut located on the end of the corresponding bolt. Rotate the skate tool counterclockwise to loosen the first bolt. Repeat the process with each of the seven remaining bolts.

Step 3

Remove the metallic trucks from the underside of your street skateboard. Extend a tape measure between the long edges of your skateboard to determine the width. Choose a set of longboard trucks that correspond with the width of your skateboard.

Step 4

Place one of the longboard trucks over the four bolts located at the front of your skateboard. Tighten one nut onto the end of each bolt to fasten the truck in place. Lower the second longboard truck over the four bolts at the back of your skateboard and repeat the process.

Step 5

Choose a set of longboard bearings with an ABEC speed rating of nine or higher. Place your longboard wheels flat onto the work surface. Insert one bearing into the center of the longboard wheel with the skate tool's knob.

Step 6

Flip the longboard wheel over and insert another bearing. Repeat the bearing insertion process with each of the remaining wheels. Slide one wheel onto each side of the truck axles and tighten a bolt over each wheel.

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