How to Make a Shower Costume Like on "The Karate Kid"

by Erin Ringwald
Make your own shower curtain costume for a Halloween party.

Make your own shower curtain costume for a Halloween party.

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In 1984, Ralph Macchio as the character Daniel Larusso, attended a school dance in "The Karate Kid" and the shower curtain costume was born. If you want to dress as Daniel at the dance, you could purchase a store-bought version. However, finding one can be difficult and they are expensive. Alternatively, make your own for less money using things from around your home or the local hardware store.

Items you will need

  • Silver spray paint
  • Hula hoop
  • 18-by-1/4-inch pipe
  • Pipe bender
  • Hot glue
  • Soup can
  • Can opener
  • Soap
  • Sink strainer
  • Silver or blue tinsel
  • 2 nylon belts
  • 6 metal rivets
  • Rivet gun
  • Box cutter
  • 12-by-1-by-9 inch board
  • 14 bolts
  • 14 nuts
  • 2 PVC pipes, 18-inch by 1/2-inch
  • 4 C brackets
  • 2 45-degree corner joints
  • 2 12-by-1/2 inch PVC pipes
  • Drill
  • 2 pipes, 12-inch
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower rings/hooks
Step 1

Spray paint a large hula-hoop with silver spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Step 2

Use a pipe bender to bend the top 6-inches of an 18-by-1/4-inch pipe to create the shape of a shower head pipe. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the top of the hula-hoop. Insert the pipe into the hole and hot glue it in place.

Step 3

Create the faucet for the shower. Take the label off a soup can. Remove one end of the can and clean the inside of the can with soap and water. Once dry, hot glue a sink strainer to the open end of the soup can. Attach 18-inch pieces of silver or blue tinsel to each hole of the strainer using hot glue. Hot glue the closed end of the can to the end of the bent pipe from Step 2. Alternatively, drill a hole in the end of the can and insert the pipe. Then, hot glue around the pipe to secure it.

Step 4

Cut a hole in the center of a nylon belt using a box cutter to create a hole for a metal rivet. Make the hole smaller than the width of the metal rivet. Use a rivet gun to attach a rivet to the belt where you made the cut. Place a second and third rivet, using the same method, 1-inch on either side of the first. Repeat the process with a second belt. These belts will attach the costume to your body.

Step 5

Create a back brace to hold up the shower curtain. Drill six holes on a 12-by-1-by-9-inch board, three 2 inches from the bottom and three 5 inches from the bottom of the board. Place the first set of three holes in the center of the board and then one 1 inch out on other side, just like the belt placement. Place the second set of the three holes 3 inches above the first set.

Step 6

Insert a bolt through each of the holes in the board. Insert the ends of the bolts through the rivets in the belts. Secure the belts to the board using nuts, tightening them as much as possible.

Step 7

Attach two 18-by-1/2 inch PVC pipes to the board using C-brackets, nuts and bolts, on the side of the board with the belts. Position the pipes so that they run the length of the board and are spaced 2 inches from the edges of the board. Place two brackets on each pipe, one 2 inches from the bottom and one 2 inches from the top. Once attached, 6 inches of the pipe will stick up over the edge of the board.

Step 8

Attach a 45-degree angle corner joint to each of the pipes on the part sticking out above the board.

Step 9

Drill two 1/2-inch holes to the underside of the hula-hoop.

Step 10

Insert one end of a 12-by-1/2 inch PVC pipe into each of the corner joints. Insert the other end pipe into the drilled holes in the hoop. Apply hot glue around the pipe attachments, if necessary.

Step 11

Attach a shower curtain to the hula-hoop using shower curtain rings. In the movie, Daniel's curtain is red with white dots. However, any shower curtain will work. Place the back brace from Step 5 against your back. Strap the two nylon belts around the front of your body. The hula-hoop and faucet will be above you and the curtain around your body.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear shorts and a T-shirt under the costume. For footwear, choose flip flops or go barefoot.
  • To avoid injury, do not touch the hot glue or the metal tip of the gun.

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