How to Make a Scottish Sash Rose

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Scottish sashes display a family's tartan.

Scottish sashes display a family's tartan.

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Scottish clans each have a unique tartan, composed of horizontal and vertical stripes in a wide array of colors. While kilts remain a centerpiece of the Scottish tradition, elegant sashes are a common garment for women. These sashes drape over one shoulder, leaving the ends to drape along the hip. A sash rose completes the elegant look of a sash, creating a beautiful circle of arranged fabric.

Items you will need

  • Sash
  • Rubber band
  • 2 small safety pins
Step 1

Fold the sash in half so that the two short ends meet.

Step 2

Fold down the top of the sash, on the side with the first fold you created. Use about 6 inches of fabric in this second fold. You should now have the two free ends on one side of the sash. On the other end of the sash, you should have four layers of fabric created by the second fold.

Step 3

Place a rubber band around the center of the six inches of fabric you just folded over, wrapping around all four layers of fabric. Wrap the rubber band a few times over. Fluff out each of the fabric tufts protruding from the center rubber band to create two half circles.

Step 4

Grab the top of the right half circle and the top of the left half circle and pin them together using a small safety pin. Repeat with the bottom of the half circles to create a round, rose shape with the sash fabric.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place the safety pins on the underside of the sash, where they cannot be seen.

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