How to Make a Rubber Band Eiffel Tower

by Brenda Priddy, Demand Media
    You can make the triangular shape of the Eiffel tower with a large rubber band using string tricks.

    You can make the triangular shape of the Eiffel tower with a large rubber band using string tricks.

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    Making an Eiffel Tower from a rubber band is not difficult, but it does take some practice. The same techniques used for manipulating string are used for rubber bands; it is important to have a long, strong rubber band for this task so that it does not break during the manipulation process and cause injuries. For best results, use a rubber band that is at least 18 inches in circumference. With a long rubber band you can duplicate nearly any string trick, including making a model Eiffel Tower.

    Items you will need

    • Large thick rubber band (18 inches or longer)
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    Step 1

    Place the rubber band diagonally across the palms of your hands and behind your pinky fingers and thumbs. This should make a rectangle shape just below the wrists.Thread your index fingers through the loop in the center of the palms. Pull the string tight to create two "X" shapes between your pinky fingers and index fingers with two straight strings below your pinky fingers and thumbs. (This is known as "opening A" in string trick nomenclature, and is used at the beginning of many string manipulations.)

    Step 2

    Release your thumbs from the string. Reach under all of the strings to the straight string under your pinky fingers. Wrap this string over your thumbs. Reach over the straight string attached to the index fingers and wrap the second string attached to the index fingers over your thumbs.

    Step 3

    Release your pinky fingers from the loops. Reach over the nearest string with your pinky fingers and wrap the second string around your pinky fingers. Release the thumbs.

    Step 4

    Pull the thumbs over the index strings and wrap the first string around the little fingers.

    Step 5

    Pick up the front side of the loop around your right index finger with your opposite hand and place it over your thumb. Take the original thumb string off of your thumb. Repeat for the left hand.

    Step 6

    Place your index fingers in the small triangles created by the previous step. Release the pinky strings, then rotate your hands out while raising your index fingers to create the "Jacob's ladder" shape (another common shape in string manipulation).

    Step 7

    Pull the middle string up with your teeth. Release the index fingers and pull your thumbs apart to complete the Eiffel tower shape.

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