How to Make a Rooster Mask

by Sarah Freeman
Use real roosters as inspiration when creating your mask.

Use real roosters as inspiration when creating your mask.

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Whether you're creating a costume for a play, dressing up for Halloween or pretending to be a barnyard animal, you may want to wear a rooster mask. It's fairly easy to re-create the face of this male bird. Complete the project using some art supplies you probably already have at home. Other aspects of the rooster mask, such as the base of the face piece, can be made from recyclable materials.

Items you will need

  • Sturdy paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction paper
  • White glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
Step 1

Select a piece of sturdy paper, such as a file folder, paper plate or the back of a cereal box. Sketch a mask shape onto the paper. When put in front of the face, the mask shape should be large enough to extend over your forehead down to the cheekbones, with an arch curved upward in the middle to fit over the nose. Draw two eye holes. Cut out the mask along the marked lines.

Step 2

Paint the paper a color you want the rooster to be. Many of these male birds have red, brown or yellow faces. Choose one, and cover the entire paper with that color.

Step 3

Lay a piece of yellow or orange construction paper on a flat surface. Draw a triangle that will be turned into the beak. This triangle should be twice as wide as you want one side of the beak to be. Cut out along the marked lines. Fold the triangle in half. Allow the paper to slightly open along the crease to create the three-dimensional beak.

Step 4

Crease the bottom edge of the folded beak downward about 90 degrees. Place a line of white glue along the tab. Put the tab along the center of the bottom edge of the mask, right over where the nose arch was made, to attach the beak to the mask.

Step 5

Sketch the rooster's comb on a piece of red construction paper. When looking at this headpiece straight on, it is shaped like a narrow rectangle with a curve on top. Also, draw the rooster's two wattle flaps. These pieces of skin hang just below the beak and are shaped like teardrops. Cut out along the marked lines.

Step 6

Glue the rooster's red comb in the center of the mask along its top edge. Glue the two wattle pieces on either side of the beak so that they will hang down on the sides of the wearer's nose.

Step 7

Punch a hole on the left and right side of the rooster mask using a hole puncher. Lace a 12-inch piece of ribbon through one hole and secure its end around the hole with a knot. Repeat this step on the other side. These ribbons will hold the mask in place when tied together on the backside of the wearer's head.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add more details to your rooster mask by gluing on feathers.

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