How to Make Ribbon Lamps

by Kayla Ledford
A plain, white lampshade works best.

A plain, white lampshade works best.

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Decorating lampshades offers several possibilities for creativity. You can easily match colors to your current decor and save money by using unlikely items. Re-purposing leftover every day items can save any decorator money. Lampshades can easily be covered in fabric or other items, but ribbon offers more versatility than most. Specific colors and patterns can be achieved, and using ribbon leftover from a previous decorating project can help seamlessly tie the lampshade into current decor.

Items you will need

  • Lampshade
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
Step 1

Choose a lampshade to use for your project. The ideal lampshade should be drum shaped, the same circumference from top to bottom.

Step 2

Choose the ribbon you would like to apply to your lampshade. You might choose from leftover pieces or pieces that match the lamp or the room decor. The ribbon pieces should be long enough to reach all the way around the lampshade.

Step 3

Create a pattern using the ribbon you have chosen for your project. You may choose to vary patterns, sizes, colors, textures or all of these. You may choose only one piece of ribbon for the top and one piece for the bottom if you prefer a more simplistic look. Lay the ribbons out in order to ensure you are happy with the pattern they will form. If any of the ribbon is wrinkled, iron it on a low setting before use.

Step 4

Turn your lampshade on its side. Begin with the ribbon you would like at the bottom of the shade. Place the end of the ribbon on the bottom edge with its end meeting the seam of the lampshade. Apply a very small amount of fabric glue to the under side of the ribbon and press it to the lampshade. Repeat this action with each additional piece of ribbon.

Step 5

Choose a piece of ribbon to cover the seam of the lampshade. Use fabric glue to attach the end of the ribbon to the inside of the lampshade, one inch from the bottom of the shade, directly behind the seam to hide the ribbon's edge.

Step 6

Glue the ribbon along the lampshade seam to cover the seam of the meeting ribbons. Cut the ribbon with an inch to spare when you reach the top of the shade. Glue the loose end to the inside of the shade to hide the ribbon edge.

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