How to Make Red Carpet Party Invitations

by Benna Crawford
Create red carpet invitations that are worthy of an Oscar.

Create red carpet invitations that are worthy of an Oscar.

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Get glam with a red carpet bash that collects your cinephile friends for comparing designer gowns and wagering on the award-winners. An Academy Awards or Golden Globe party invitation should set the scene for a champagne fest in front of the celebrity-studded screen. Save your budget for the bubbly by making the invites yourself with open stock stationery and a design as fabulous as a gleaming Oscar. Use dramatic red paper, a facsimile of a movie slate or clapboard for the party information and a big gold star to seal the deal.

Items you will need

  • 5.25-inch square red cardstock
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Black craft paper
  • White craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White ink pen
  • Red pochette envelopes
  • Gold foil star-shaped seals
  • Black ink pen
Step 1

Lay the 5.25-by-5.25-inch square red cardstock on a work table. Reserve a matching number of red, pochette-style envelopes. Pochette envelopes have four petalled edges when laid out flat that overlap and tuck into each other to close the envelope.

Step 2

Cut 4-inch squares from black craft paper, one square for each invitation. Mark each black square 1½ inches from the top, drawing a line across the square lightly in pencil. Divide that section in half and make another light pencil line. Cut the paper along the top line. This will give you ¾-inch separate strips cut from the top of the black squares.

Step 3

Make your slates. Cut strips of white paper ¾ inches wide. Position them at a slant from left to right on the cut strips, alternating a white paper with the black paper to make slanted zebra strips. Glue the white paper strips to the black strips and trim the edges. You will have black and white ¾-inch wide and 4-inch long strips of paper. Now position, glue and cut mirror images on the marked tops of each remaining black paper. Slant the white strips the opposite way -- from right to left -- so they line up with the stripes on the separate strip of paper for the top of each slate.

Step 4

Hand-letter your information in white ink on the lower section of each black paper so it looks like a movie slate. Print "Hollywood" on the top. Below that list each category: Production: Red Carpet Party / Director: your name / Date: month and day / Location: party address / Scene: describe any dress or party-style instructions such as come as your favorite actor/actress, or screening and buffet / Take: party start and end times.

Step 5

Position the two pieces of the slate in the center of each red card, angling the top striped piece slightly, as if it is being raised to signal "lights-camera-action." The top strip should slant up from left to right, touching the left corner of the lower piece. Glue the slates to the red cards.

Step 6

Print the R.S.V.P. phone number and email address in black on the bottom of the cards.

Step 7

Place the cards face up in the pochettes and follow the directions for folding and tucking the pochette to close it. Secure the envelopes with big gold stars. On the other side, hand-letter the address in black pen.

Tips & Warnings

  • The size and shape of this invitation will require extra postage.

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