How to Make a Punching Bag Stand With Pipes

by Melissa McCormick
Create a homemade punching bag stand with pipes.

Create a homemade punching bag stand with pipes.

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Private workout equipment and punching bags are often found in the homes or gyms of professional boxers. But if you are a boxing enthusiast on a budget, you can still create an at-home punching bag stand that will help you to practice punching techniques, as well as increase strength and endurance. The project requires specific piping and hardware, but making a trip to your local hardware store is a solid starting point to gather all of the supplies you'll need.

Items you will need

  • One 1-inch 5-way pipe junction
  • Pipe wrench
  • Six 4-foot pipes with threaded ends (1-inch in diameter)
  • Six 1-inch pipe end caps
  • One 8-foot pipe with a threaded end (1-inch in diameter)
  • One 1-inch 3-way pipe junction
  • Welding unit
  • Two iron rings
  • Punching bag
  • Weight (equal to the weight of your punching bag)
  • Quick-set concrete (optional)
  • 10-pound bucket (optional)
Step 1

Create the base of the stand. To do this, pick up a 5-way junction pipe and screw in four 4-foot pipes using a pipe wrench. Leave the remaining pipe opening open for now.

Step 2

Place end caps on the ends of each of the 4-foot pipes.

Step 3

Screw an 8-foot pipe into the remaining opening in the five-way junction pipe so that it stands perpindicular to the ground.

Step 4

Screw the 3-way pipe junction to the top end of the 8-foot pipe.

Step 5

Screw the two remaining 4-foot pipes into the two open ends of the 3-way pipe.

Step 6

Place caps on the open ends of the two 4-foot pipes you just added. (See References 1)

Step 7

Use a welding kit to weld an iron ring approximately 6 inches from the end of one of the top 4-foot pipes of the stand. Repeat the process for the opposite 4-foot pipe.

Step 8

Hang a punching bag on one iron ring. Hang a weight that is equal to the weight of your punching bag on the opposite iron ring to counter the weight. You now have a complete punching bag stand.

Tips & Warnings

  • An alternative base formation is to use a 10-pound bucket filled with quick-set concrete as the base of the punching bag stand. Place the pole perpindicular into the concrete before the concrete dries. If you choose this method, it will replace steps one, two and three.

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